New SOA Website Coming

somersett UnitedAccording to the June 21 SOA Communication Committee Meeting Recap, implementation of the new SOA Website is just around the corner. John Dunlap, Design Director for the website vendor D4 Advanced Media, went over each facet of the new website design with the Committee and discussions ensued about having it go live by July 12.

Apparently, the new website will incorporate the following:

  • Access by non-SOA members to view Association news, events, documents, etc..  To quote the meeting recap, the D4 representative stated  “we want to make the public feel welcome and not segregated and will allow non-members to see items that they would be able to access if they become members”. 
  • A section wherein the Association’s governing documents will be available for viewing.  Based on the preceding paragraph, it is assumed that these will be accessible by both members and non-members.  (Note: Something SU has been criticized for in the past upon making them accessible on this website).
  • A section wherein Homeowner comments will be published.  Format is unclear at this time, but it is intended that both first and last names of the commenter will be required, which is a reasonable policy.

We are all looking forward the roll-out of the new SOA website with its improvements and added features.

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