August 24th Board of Directors Meeting

somersett UnitedThe Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board meeting on Wednesday, August 24th at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center. For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

August 24th BOD Meeting Agenda

As in all open BOD meetings, homeowners will have the opportunity to ask questions or provide comments on any of the agenda topics (i.e., at the beginning of the meeting) or any other non agenda topics (i.e., at the end of the meeting).

Unfortunately, SU has no information to share on any of the Old or New Business Agenda Items up for Discussion/Approval. Therefore, if any of our readers have knowledge they wish to share, please feel free to do so via “comments” to this posting.

2 thoughts on “August 24th Board of Directors Meeting

  1. Im in SoCal buthas anyone been by the upper fire station (Hawk View) to see if it is open and staffed by the 2 person medical response unit MRU as promised?

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