State Assembly and Senate openings / Fire Station Re-opened?

The following post submitted by “Retired Reno Cop”

Apparently the state Senate and Assembly district seats are vacant in the Somersett area. Washoe County will be appointing persons to fill the vacancy. Not sure what that means as it is temporary until the November election.  The County Commission meets Sept 22nd.

Reports are that the Somersett Fire Station is re-opened. Well not really. It reportedly re-opened with a staff of two for a medical response unit. I’m told they don’t even respond to fires, unknown if true but it is not the true 3-4 person fire engine crew. Also not sure what fire vehicles are maintained there anymore. Also the Automatic Aid with the county is only for fires, not medical. Since most calls are medical, not fire it is a good development although there are opinions and political discussion as to why it is not REMSA vs RFD.

I’m suspicious and ask folks to drive by and peek in, look for vehicles parked outside etc. Is it really open and always? If not let Reno City Council Neoma Jardonn  at know your concerns.  Photos are good. Feel free to email me also at


2016 BOD Elections

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) positions currently held by Susan Novell (President), Joe Fadrowski (Treasurer) and Tony Fakonas (Vice-president) will expire November 16, 2016. New elections will be held to fill these positions for a two year term. Ms. Novell has announced her intent not to run for re-election, with at least one other expected to announce likewise.

Association members desiring to serve the community via the BOD must complete the required Candidate Form and return it by October 14th to the SOA office at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). Along with the required Form, Candidates may also include a one page “Candidate Statement” supporting their candidacy along with a “head shot” which will be published on the SOA website. Candidate Forms have already been made available via an insert in the September-October Bi-Monthly Newsletter and are available at TCTC. A copy may also be accessed and downloaded via the following link:


 Following the October 14th deadline for submittals, the SOA Election committee will conduct “Meet the Candidate” nights at both The Club at Town Center and Aspen Lodge. Election ballots, along with Candidate Forms and Candidate Statements will then be US mailed to all Association Members. Ballots must be returned by November 15th and will be counted at the Annual Members Meeting to be held November 16th at The Club at Town Center.

New participation on the BOD is always a good thing. If you feel qualified and have a desire to serve your community, you are encouraged to “throw your hat in the ring” and submit your Board Candidate Form and Statement.

Candidates wishing to announce their candidacy and having their Candidate Statement published on this website may do so via email to:

Updated SOA Website

somersett UnitedMost of you have probably received an email notification that the SOA’s new website ( is now up and running. Although there have been some start up problems with regard to accessing it with existing passwords, this has apparently been solved. If not send an email via the “Contact” email link on the Home Page (no login required), with your problem, or give the SOA’s Communication Director. Ashley Cook , a call at 787-4500 ext 332, or the Community Relations Director, Callie Burgard on ext. 320.

If you do not currently have a log-in account for the SOA website we strongly encourage that you visit the website and set one up (just click on the above link).  Also, to submit your opinions and/or suggestions on/for the new website via the website’s “Contact” email link, and additionally via a comment response to this posting.

The new website contains some communication improvements over the old one. One being the posting of Association news articles with the ability for Association members to comment on them. However, a minus in this area, is that no provision was made for members to submit any “Letters to the Editor” expressing their viewpoints on other Association issues. Hopefully this feature can be added in the future.

The new website also includes easy access to the Association’s Governing Documents, which were previously not available on the website.

Another suggested improvement is more informative BOD, Committee and Staff reports. Currently the published BOD Meeting Agenda is too brief to be of any value to Members wishing to know what these Agenda items are all about, let alone to form and express opinions. Also, Committee Meeting “Recaps” tend to be haphazard with little detail and not at all timely. The BOD and SOA Committees need to do a better job in reporting on their activities.