State Assembly and Senate openings / Fire Station Re-opened?

The following post submitted by “Retired Reno Cop”

Apparently the state Senate and Assembly district seats are vacant in the Somersett area. Washoe County will be appointing persons to fill the vacancy. Not sure what that means as it is temporary until the November election.  The County Commission meets Sept 22nd.

Reports are that the Somersett Fire Station is re-opened. Well not really. It reportedly re-opened with a staff of two for a medical response unit. I’m told they don’t even respond to fires, unknown if true but it is not the true 3-4 person fire engine crew. Also not sure what fire vehicles are maintained there anymore. Also the Automatic Aid with the county is only for fires, not medical. Since most calls are medical, not fire it is a good development although there are opinions and political discussion as to why it is not REMSA vs RFD.

I’m suspicious and ask folks to drive by and peek in, look for vehicles parked outside etc. Is it really open and always? If not let Reno City Council Neoma Jardonn  at know your concerns.  Photos are good. Feel free to email me also at