2016 Board of Director Candidates Wanted

somersett UnitedThe October 14th deadline for Somersett Owner Association (SOA) Members to announce their desire to serve the community by running for open Board of Director (BOD) positions is fast approaching.

As previously posted, the SOA BOD positions currently held by Susan Novell (President), Joe Fadrowski (Treasurer) and Tony Fakonas (Vice-president) will expire November 16, 2016. New elections will be held to fill these positions for a two year term via ballots mailed to all Association members on or about October 21st. Ballots must be returned by November 15th to be counted at the Annual Homeowner Meeting scheduled for November 16th. Currently, Board Directors Ms. Novell and Mr. Fadrowski have announced their intent not to run for re-election, with rumors that Mr. Fakonas will follow suit.

Board Candidates must complete the required Candidate Form and return it by October 14th to the SOA office at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). Along with the required Form, Candidates may also include a one page “Candidate Statement” supporting their candidacy. Candidate Forms are available at the TCTC or may be downloaded via the following link:


New participation on the BOD is always a good thing. If you feel qualified and have a desire to serve your community, you are encouraged to “throw your hat in the ring” and submit your Board Candidate Form and Statement.

2 thoughts on “2016 Board of Director Candidates Wanted

  1. Are we begging? I’d be surprised if 50% of eligible voters vote, unless a Del Webb owner runs and Del Webbers mass for one of their own.

  2. I wish to thank the board members who are retiring. They have volunteered many hours, both Tony and Susan have told me that they have to work over 40 hours a week, just to keep up the mangemmnet of the community.

    Why is it such an onerous, almost thankless task?

    A homeowners board has to ensure that the management company does its JOB. First Residential has been plagued with continual staff turnover, and naturally this has made the Board’s job far more difficult. Maybe the next Board should put the pressure on FR to run our community musch better and ensure that the highest standards are maintained for the Somersett PUD.

    A professional management company should be able to provide forward planning to ensure that present community needs are satisfied and future needs are planned and acted on…

    The big issue, is that the community took over the management of the community from the master developer (rightly so). The elected board has just continued with a developer’s vision – based at maximizing developer/builder revenues, without paying attention to the future needs of our beautiful community as we move forward into the 2020’s.

    I would like to thank the Master developer (Blake Smith, owner of Somersett Development) who ensured that our community went “successfully” through the 2008 Great Recession; when 30% of the monthly dues were not collected…bankruptcies and a loss of 50% of the 2005/6 property values were experienced. Hard times, yet we survived and Somersett is thriving.

    As an example where we need strong far sighted professional management:

    The past board has bought a lot (in front of the two main town center buildings) for our community – so far nothing has been done with it and it has not even been maintained to our community standards! There was no plan!!! -The master developer originally wanted to buy a town center lot – also without a plan.

    I would like to suggest that an indoor swimming pool be built on this – yes it will cost $2.5 million. So how does one pay for this… surely FR will be able to approach the active developers (Toll, Lennar, Ryder, etc.) and the Real Estate Companies (Dickinson, et al) to help provide funding and building assistance – as it will enhance the value of the property they are building (and still have to sell) – we still have around 700 houses to go before we are built out.

    This requires strong professional management to put a program like this together – something that I have yet to see from FR.

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