Meet Your SOA BOD Candidates

somersett UnitedSix Somersett Residents have announced their candidacy and filled out the proper forms to run for the three Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) positions up for election this year. They are as follows:


  • Ryan Burns
  • Joe Fadrowsky
  • Thomas Fitzgerald
  • Thomas Hedges
  • Jeff Limpert
  • Richard Molezzo

Of the preceding, Mr. Fadrowsky is the only incumbent (currently the SOA Treasurer) running for reelection. It was previously reported on this website that Mr. Fadrowsky would not be seeking reelection. This was obviously erroneous, for which we apologize to Mr. Fadrowsky.

Your opportunity to meet the candidates, hear their statements, answer questions formulated by the SOA Election Committee and ask your own questions will be available via two “Meet the Candidate Nights” scheduled as follows:

  • October 19th – 5:30 PM – The Club at Town Center
  • October 20th – 6:00 PM – Aspen Lodge

Candidate Submittal Forms and Supplemental Statements (for those who submitted one) may be accessed by logging on to the Association’s website, selecting “SOA” from the left side menu and scrolling down to the “2016 Board Candidates” link.

SOA members will soon be receiving their Ballots and Candidate Statements in the mail. Ballots must be returned by November 15th to be counted at the Annual Homeowner Meeting scheduled for November 16th.

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