Town Center Lot Purchase

Somersett United
Somersett United

The 39,600 sq. ft. lot (i.e. see parcel 232-051-10 on the Somersett Town Center link) adjacent to The Club at Town Center has again been sold. According to Washoe County Assessor records, the buyer was Town Center TH, LLC and the purchase price was $320K.

This lot was previously purchased in June of 2014 by Somercom, LLC from Nevada State Bank for $150K. Nevada Bank had acquired this property at auction in 2011 following loan default by the Developer (i.e., Somersett Development Company). This lot is also the one the SOA unsuccessfully attempted to purchase back in 2012 for $210K.

It is interesting to note that the Managing entity for Town Center TH, LLC is Shandon Park Investments, with a mailing address of 2290 Painter River Trail here in Somersett. This is the same address for TAF2014, LLC, who is listed as the Managing entity for Somercom, LLC.   There is obviously some connection between Shandon Park Investments and TAF2014 (hence,  Town Center TH, LLC and Somercom, LLC), given the commonality of address and an Isabel Plater (also Isabel Plater-Pollock), who is listed as a Manager for both.

Given the ongoing problems associated with development of the Town Center properties, perhaps Ms. Plater-Pollock, or a Town Center TTH, LLC member, can provide some insight on the purchase and what their plans are for future development of this parcel.

While on the subject of Town Center properties, perhaps someone from the SOA BOD or Strategic Planning Committee can also provide an update on plans for the two lots (see parcels 232-051-16 and 17 on the Somersett Town Center link) purchased by the SOA back in November of 2014.

4 thoughts on “Town Center Lot Purchase

  1. I would hope as part of his re-election effort to the Board, Mr. Fadrowsky would elaborate on these two parcels during his appearances at the Meet the Candidate Nights (Oct 19 at 5:30 at TCTC and Oct 20 at 6:00 at the Aspen Lodge). Not picking on Fadrowsky, but as the only incumbent running, the other candidates would not know much, if anything, about these lots. In addition, he is board treasurer and member of the Strategic Planning Committee – the two “arms” of the board that would be most heavily involved with what is going on with these lots that our dues money helped purchase. Owners can ask questions to the candidates at the Candidate Nights.

    1. I believe that the $280K lot we purchased was done using TCTC monies… as it isnt necessary for the Del Webb Homeowner Board to mke expenditures for additional property!

      I believe that Joe actually insisted that this be done this way on behalf of Sierra Canyon.

  2. In the past, SOA Board members had expressed opinions that the lot adjacent to the TCTC was a preferable location for SOA Amenity expansion than the ones adjacent to the Town Center Retail buildings, which were subsequently purchased by the SOA for this purpose. Given the fact that no development plans for any of these lots currently exist, perhaps the SOA and Town Center TH may want to consider a lot swap (with appropriate other financial considerations of course) as this may better suit their individual objectives.

    1. If the SOA – TCTC component are planning to execute adding to our amenities; ( where are those develpment plan’s promised by Blake Smith?) – Then the lot we the non-Sierra Canyon residents bought, is far better suited for building as it does not have a giant sewer running through it… swapping is not a good idea….

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