2017 SOA Budget Presentation

somersett UnitedWant to find out what your proposed 2017 assessment dollars are and where they will be spent?

The SOA Board has scheduled a homeowner budget presentation meeting to be held as follows:

  • 2017 Community Budget Presentation
  • Friday, October 28th at 5:30 PM
  • The Club at Town Center, Canyon View Room

It is assumed that, as in the past, the budget presentation will individually cover the 2017 Budgets for the General Common, The Club at Town Center and the Private Gates and Streets cost centers. Also reserve study information. The presentation is a prelude to the 2017 Budget Package to be mailed to all homeowners for ratification at the November 16th Annual Homeowner Meeting

This is will be your only chance to voice your concerns/opinions on the proposed budget in an open forum.

Comment  –  It would have been nice if the SOA had sent out the homeowner email announcements for this presentation prior to October 25th (at 5:15PM).  This to give homeowners ample time to schedule their weekend activities.


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