Somersett West Park Update

somersett UnitedFor those readers who may not be familiar with the Somersett West Park project, it involves construction of a 2nd Park within Somersett as planned for under the Somersett PUD. This Park is to be located across from the fire station on Hawk Meadow Trail. The Park will be built by the City of Reno from new residential construction tax fees. Although a public park, once built, routine maintenance costs would be the responsibility of the Somersett Owners Association (SOA). In this regard, the SOA Board appointed a Somersett West Park Committee to work with Somersett Homeowners and the City of Reno Parks Department on a development plan.

After holding Town Hall meetings, conducting surveys, listening to homeowner input, and meeting with City of Reno Park officials, the Committee has come up with the following recommendations. These recommendations are based on an estimated useable Park space of ~80,500 sq. ft. out of a total parcel size of ~160,500 sq. ft.

  • An enclosed Dog Park of ~43,000 sq. ft.
  • An enclosed Community Garden of ~ 6,500 sq. ft.
  • A Children’s Play Area of ~ 7,750 sq. ft. consisting of both grass lawn and play equipment areas.
  • Common space of ~ 23,250 sq. ft. for parking, restroom and picnic tables.

At the recent BOD meeting it was reported that the rules and regulations for the Dog Park area would be established by the Reno Parks Department in accordance with current City requirements. However, rules and regulations for the Community Garden could be established by the SOA. No definitive date has yet been established as to when the City of Reno will actually start construction.

A power point presentation entitled “West Park Proposed Plan” outlining  Committee recommendations, along with a proposed site plot plan, may be accessed on the SOA’s website by clicking on the SOA/SOA Documents tabs