SOA BOD Election

The Following BOD Candidate Endorsement was posted by Joe Bower, Association Member

I am pleased that six owners chose to run for the three open seats on the Somersett Board and I urge all eligible owners to cast their ballot. Only one owner per owned Lot may vote. Instructions have been sent by the Somersett Board of Directors

As a ten-year owner and in response to several owners and as in past years, here are my election comments.

After reviewing the needs of our master association along with the experiences of the candidates, I proudly will cast my ballot for the Two Tom’s (Thomas Fitzgerald and Thomas Hedger) along with Ryan Burns.

Mr. Fitzgerald has prior homeowner association board experience, including the presidency, before moving to Somersett.  During the past twelve months he has attended all Somersett board meetings as well as numerous Budget & Finance and Strategic Planning committee meetings.  Thus he is very familiar with what is going on regarding the business aspects of Somersett. Prior to retiring he owned his company while serving for over ten years on the board of a parks and recreation district.  That enabled him to be heavily involved with community facilities and programs, two areas of constant concern here in Somersett.

Mr. Hedger, a retired Chief Financial Officer for two global Fortune 500 companies, will bring extensive contract negotiation and risk management experience to the Somersett board table, two areas where improvements are needed as we continue to grow from a place where most owners used to know each other into a small city. His skills will help improve matters affecting the total community, e.g. landscaping, communications, and security. Somersett is made up of one master association and three sub-associations with the Sierra Canyon/Del  Webb sub soon to have over 1,200 homes.  Being an owner in Sierra Canyon he will serve all associations while keeping “one foot” in Sierra Canyon and the other in Somersett.  Fortunately, the subs have their own boards, but all four boards need to cooperate and integrate their common interests something Mr. Hedger accomplished in the corporate world where different divisions reported to him.

The Two Tom’s have the time, energy, desire, and expertise to be Board members who will strive to make our total community better and safer for all residents and a most desirable place to live while accommodating the needs and desires of families and retirees.

As an active partner in a CPA firm Mr. Burns would add strength to the financial competence of the Board.  He would bring a fresh set of eyes to the books. One way or another everything in our Association has a financial aspect and impact with a bottom line called dues.

I recognize retired CPA Mr. Fadrowsky’s past contributions as a board member and hope he will remain on the Budget & Finance and Strategic Planning Committees where he could devote more time to their specific matters and objectives unencumbered by general daily board operations all the while being on the City of Reno’s Neighborhood Advisory Board #5  which serves a large geographical area inside and outside of Somersett.

Regarding the candidacies of Messers Limpert and Molezzo, your choice and maybe another election.

somersett UnitedSomersett United Note:  The BOD Election Ballots have now been mailed to all unit owners.  Candidates and/or homeowners are welcome to post their comments, qualifications and/or endorsements on this website by forwarding them to

2 thoughts on “SOA BOD Election

  1. Nice to know who you’re voting for but I detest political endorsements. Endoresements carry a cost to the candidate.

    BTW, we vote in a private ballot, it’s the American way. Let’s see what we can do to keep it that way.

  2. Totally agree with the above comment. Shame on you, for trying to slant this election. Do you think someone really cares who you support?
    Fortunately those you did not support had a chance to tell their story so others could choose as is the American Way.

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