Joe Fadrowsky for SOA Board

The following posted by “Friends of Joe”

Mr. Fadrowsky has done an excellent job as Treasurer for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) for the past two years.   His re-election to the SOA Board of Directors will insure that experience continuity will continue as two of the other experienced SOA Board Directors have chosen not to run for re-election.  In this regard, the following “flyer” is posted for your consideration.  Please give Joe your vote.
To download a copy to share with your friends and neighbors just click on the following link:  Joe Fadrowsky for SOA Board


4 thoughts on “Joe Fadrowsky for SOA Board

  1. There is no doubt that Mr. Fadrowsky has a lot of experiences that would be helpful to any HOA board (he was on the Sierra Canyon board and resigned before his term was up) . However, with regard to trying to be re-elected to the to the Somersett Board please keep in mind:

    1. Although serving as treasurer, a former treasurer and non-board member is the dominant financial person for the Board.

    2. That person’s influence and insight on the 2016 and 2017 budgets was awesome. Not only was he the main person in their development, but also he (remember as a non-board member) presented and explained the 2016 budget to owners and not the treasurer; and I believe the same for 2017.

    3. This person, and not Mr. Fadrowsky, “figured out” the accounting on how to recapture money sent to Somersett every time a house sells and the effect of that on homeowner dues for 2017.

    4. Besides reviewing the monthly financial statements (a routine task for any treasurer) prepared by the management company, what did Mr. Fadrowsky accomplish financially speaking that wouldn’t have happened had he not been on the Board?

    5. At Candidate Night Mr. Fadrowsky took credit for Somersett acknowledging its duty to maintain the portions of the Somersett Trail System that are located within the borders of Sierra Canyon. That obligation was first pointed out to him by a non-board member during the summer of 2014 and the Somersett board did not acknowledge it until January 2016; and then only after countless reviews of governing documents involving lawyers. All that was unnecessary as anyone can read what is spelled out in black and white in the governing documents; and it took two years to figure that out!

    6. At Candidate Night Mr. Fadrowsky took credit for the still unsigned revised Maintenance Easement Agreement first imposed upon Sierra Canyon years ago by the developer controlled Somersett Board. A careful reading of the PUD reveals that Somersett is responsible for all common area maintenance and no such Agreement was necessary then or is now.

    The Agreement was to ensure that the parkway system from “Sharlands” to the “I80 roundabout at the Exit 5” would have “a uniform landscaping scheme.” Anyone driving Somersett Parkway and then Del Webb Parkway East and then Somersett Ridge will quickly perceive that there is no “uniform scheme” as Somersett Parkway looks like color TV while DWPE and Somersett Ridge look like black and white TV.

    It is extremely doubtful that the two parkways in Sierra Canyon will ever be in uniformity with Somersett Parkway. The cost is just too great.

    One thing that would help with landscaping is for Sierra Canyon not to have its own landscape contract with Reno Green, the same company that Somersett uses. No landscaping company can serve two masters within the boundaries of the “same” community. Instead there should be an Agreement giving Sierra Canyon the right to provide supervision to the crews while they are working in Sierra Canyon; along with a certain monthly dollar limit (that can’t be carried over) for landscaping needs above which Somersett would need to approve. Certainly the locals know better than far off managers sitting in TCTC as to what needs to be done in Sierra Canyon. Also, a single contract for the two associations can be constructed so as to result in cost savings for both.

    Finally on this subject, a lot of money and effort was expended to have an aerial survey done should the revised Agreement remain in force as to exactly which portions along the sides of the parkways each association would maintain. Fancy lines on a map do not tell the workers on the ground where the Somersett responsibility stops and Sierra Canyon’s begins.

    Mr. Fadrowsky can’t be held personally responsible, but during his time of the board:

    a) there has been more employee turnover than in previous years (three different community managers)
    b) the number of burglaries in the community has increased
    c) speeding is more rampant
    d) there are more and more dead trees
    e) swimming pool usage at TCTC has been unsatisfactory
    f) fuel modification behind rear split rails has not been accomplished
    g) the number of illegal real estate signs on common areas has increased
    h) internal physical conditions at TCTC are worse than ever
    i) farmers market was cancelled
    j) website is not easy to navigate
    k) communications are not satisfactory
    l) pickle ball and tennis aren’t pleasing to players
    m) lap swimming is confusing

    Do owners feel safer than ever before? Does increasing the hours of the patrol company, Securitas, going to make a difference? BTW the last contract signed by Securitas went unsigned by the Board for over two years! Suppose something serious had happened, Securitas was off the hook.

    Why has only limited attention been paid to removing trees from both common and privately owned visibility corners. The PUD says at those corners no tree branches can be lower than eight feet above curb level and no plants can be higher than 18 inches tall. More than a hundred such trees need to be completely cut down as removing branches up to 8 feet will either denude the tree making it ugly or kill it; and many corner trees aren’t even eight feet tall in the first place. Common sense says to get these trees out before the next serious accident. A small start was made recently, but all could have been accomplished in the last two years. Meanwhile where they were there are just unfilled holes in the ground.

    Why hasn’t an arborist been hired to inventory every common area tree by its location, species, and health; and a plan made what to do next? Been talked about for years. Why wasn’t it done in the last two?

    Being a member of NAB #5 is nice, but what specifically has membership done for Somersett or Sierra Canyon? The concerted effort to have revisions made to the proposed Toll Brothers project up and behind the fire station is being lead by non-board owners.

    At Candidate Night Mr. Fadrowsky mentioned he would like to see board meetings conducted in a business-like manner. At the last board meeting, Mr. Fadrowsky almost lost “it” when correcting statements made by fellow board member and long-time broad president Tony Fakonas. Everyone in the room could feel the tension.

    During Mr. Fadrowky’s two years on the Board what did he accomplish regarding transparency and better communications? Board agendas mask what will happen at board meetings as the items are not spelled out according to Nevada Law which states “a clear and complete statement of the topic scheduled to be considered during the meeting.” Somersett agendas just say “Discussion/Approval” for each topic. How transparent is that? In Sierra Canyon the board packet is put on the website before the meeting so owners can know the background of each agenda item and are better able to ask agenda related questions during Homeowner Forum. At Somersett board meetings owner attendees sit in the “dark.” Better communications may be coming, but that has been the story for the last ten years. Is the end in sight?

    Oh and how many homeowner associations in America the physical and financial (revenue and assets) size of Somersett have boards that meet only every other month? I’ll bet most meet monthly and we need to too. 60 days is a long time between board meetings and much of Nevada HOA law is designed for openness.

    Does the Association have more problems today than two years ago when Mr. Fadrowsky first was seated on the Board? What are some specific non-financial accomplishments of the Board for which Mr. Fadrowsky was directly responsible? Besides NAB is he still on the board of the Silver Creek HOA on Sharlands? Is it possible that the Somersett Board isn’t number one on his list of interests?

    Can’t help but notice Mr. Fadrowsky’s Hawaii CPA and Law licenses noted on his candidate statement, but neither mentioned for Nevada.

    The Board needs new blood and experienced businessmen candidates Burns, Fitzgerald, and Hedger can provide that. Their candidate statements reveal what they can bring to the board.

    I certainly hope Mr. Fadrowsky, if not re-elected, will continue to serve on the Budget & Finance and Strategic Planning committees. They are where his prior work experiences and knowledge of Somersett can be of most benefit for the needed physical improvements to the community and the well-being of its residents.

    PS At committee meetings I have attended, the main topic has been drilling a water well so that the Association is not dependent on Truckee Meadow Water Authority for its irrigation water. Why wasn’t that topic brought up by Mr. Fadrowsky? Will drilling and piping costs result in a special assessment or increased dues?

  2. Joe

    I really appreciate the hard work (I know much time it really takes) to do a good job. Continuity, as you suggest, is important. We do have two continuing board members.

    I would like to know about the following actions/lack of action by the current Board:

    1) Following our PUD – and investing $40K in adding a passive solar pool heater for the pools. This would add two months + to the swimming season for adults. Blake Smith/Somersett Development was supoised to do this before he left… He left in 2012 – so why not.

    2) Ammending our PUD to allow for desert landscaping (for all residents) in times of water shortage – the current SW US drought is thought to be going on for another 5 to 10 years (we are in our 5th year). Please do not be fooled by the recent 2″ of rain, temperatures are running 3C higher than normal. Listen to the scientists and understand what their research is telling us!!!

    Our grass costs us $360K in water bills to TMWA. TMWA are already pumping water from aquifers in the North Valleys to S. Reno (specifically Arrowcreek) where the water table has been serioulsy depleted. I am not fooled by their optimism, especially as Reno is looking for a 25% growth in population over the next 5 years.

    Tony Fakonas has been studying the possibility of drilling wells for Canyon 9 and connecting the Somersett water system.(excellent!). Of the 425 AF of water we own, according to figures available from Las Vegas golfing associations, they only need around 200AF/year for the two golf courses. That leaves a surplus we can either sell or use. Why hasn’t the current board informed the community about these options, given us real time numbers from the SCC. Yes this is an expensive undertaking, but $2 million invested in the future could pay for itself in 5 years. We invested in buying a Golf Course (to keep the open space) why not in upgrading our water management system to keep our community looking beautiful.

    Yes, as others have noted, communications from our HOA “suck”!

    3) Making First Residential Management Company do their job … the Board spends to much time holding their hands. Maybe fresh ideas will produce better outcomes.

    4) It is great that you are on the NAB5 Board – specifically representing all of Somersett.

    There is another presentation of ReImagine Reno next Tuesday… some forecful commentary by you on green energy, adoption of solar (yes we have some in Somersett) and wind (see Squeeze Inn on McCarran). At the moment NV Energy (+ the fossil fuel industry) is preventing us moving towards a greener cleaner healthier future!

    Anxiously looking forward to your response – give me some ammunition as to why I should vote for you!

    Also bet you cant get this missive published on the SOA web site fortum!!!

    1. Geoffrey,

      Thanks for recognizing my hard work and the time it really takes for directors to do a good job. In turn, I appreciate the time and attention that you and Patricia put into attending Board and other meetings and being engaged in the affairs of the association.

      We agree that continuity is important. The current Board has a combined 10 years of SOA Board service. The two continuing Board members have a combined 2 years of service. If I am re-elected, that number is doubled, and you still get predominantly new ‘new blood’.

      My comments regarding your list of the current Board’s action/inaction items are as follows:

      1) I am for adding months to the swimming season for adults and for children. Whether this takes the form of adding a passive solar pool heater for the pool and/or some sort of enclosure deserves complete investigation and a decision. As you may know, the Board has engaged an architectural firm to develop plans for expanding aquatic and other facilities at TCTC. If re-elected, I will work to have one or more forms of ‘off-season’ swimming included in the options being analyzed and presented to the community.

      2) Having worked on the development of master planned communities for decades, I know all to well the large amount of money, time and consulting talent that is invested in coming up with a conceptual plan for a community like Somersett. The goal is a workable land plan with theme and an ambience that creates value not only for the developer, but also longer term value for all of the owners. For Somersett, the strongest community themes are the golf course greenery and the green-belted thoroughfare (yes JB – Pulte did not carry off their part well in Sierra Canyon).

      One should think long and hard about making a fundamental change to the main themes of an established, successful community. I am not for altering the green-belted thoroughfare theme.

      I am, however, all for conserving water wherever possible, and especially preventing runoff into the streets. The Board is preparing to issue an RFP to have the irrigation system audited and evaluated for both short-term improvements and longer-term replacement with a state of the art system that will reduce water consumption and wasted run-off.

      I am for reviewing the AGC guidelines to see if we can provide more options for xeriscaping for residents.

      I can’t speak to the Arrow Creek area, but the water table at Somersett has not been at all depleted. TMWA also represents that recent agreements give them more water than they have ever had and that they have 10-year drought plan.

      Yes, our grass and trees and bushes costs us $360K in water bills to TMWA or about $10/mo per home. Even with xeriscaping, this would likely still run at least $5/mo or more per home. We live in the foothills where grass or other vegetation is required to prevent run-off and/or dust storms.

      The Strategic Planning Committee has been studying the possibility of drilling wells for (Canyon 9 is already served by well water) and connecting parts of the Somersett irrigation water system to it. With Tony gone and the primary worker bee on the SPC gone, I would be happy to continue championing this if re-elected.

      The Board has budgeted money to study the well concept further in 2017. With respect to the 425 AF of water rights we own, If you dig deeper you will find, among other things, that all of the wells have not been developed. Accordingly, there is no current surplus that we can either sell or use.

      If re-elected, I will obtain the numbers to develop an additional well and determine the methods and costs of distribution including pipelines from the well and how to create the right water pressure (e.g. through elevated tank storage or pumps). Then we can evaluate the costs and the savings and make a good decision for the association.

      The Board knows communications have been inconsistent and has added a full-time communications position this year that was recently filled by a top-notch individual. Please give her a little time to work with the communications committee and to begin making improvements.

      Having First Residential Management Company do their job is a top priority of mine. If they don’t, guess who it is that has to spend too much time holding hands???

      There will be a minimum of two new directors. Maybe fresh ideas will produce better outcomes or maybe they won’t. Over the years, I have observed a few boards actually become less successful with ‘new blood’.

      I enjoy being on the NAB5 Board representing all of Somersett. This two year appointment by the City Council does give the association an alternative line of communication to City departments when needed. I will be at the NAB5 meeting at City Hall this Tuesday for the Re-Imagine Reno presentation. Hope you, Patricia and others can attend.

      I respectfully request your vote. Joe Fadrowsky

  3. Joe

    Your thoughtful, forward thinking reply was much appreciated…

    Adding solar heating to the adult pool is a “no-brainer” and envisioned in the original community plans.

    Building a new pool (or enclosing an old one) requires much thought and effort. The modest investment in solar hot water heating for the pool would quickly pay for itself in monies saved in gas bills for heating the pools.

    Surely, if a further development of our water system is required – like drilling more wells, this is covererd by our lease agreement and the SCC should pay for it. If we cant develop it surely we can sell off the unusable water rights – at $6K/AF (Tony’s valuation) that would raise a $1 million to pay off loans and supplement the underfunded reserves.

    I wish we could get this information posted on the new SOA homeowners forum

    Geoffrey & Pat Brooks

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