SOA BOD Election Results

somersett UnitedThe counting of ballots for the six Somersett owners vying for the three open positions on the Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors took place last night at the Annual Owners Meeting. The six candidates were as follows: Ryan Burns, Joe Fadrowsky, Thomas Fitzgerald , Thomas Hedger, Jeff Limpert and Richard Molezzo. Of the six, only Mr. Fadrowsky was an incumbent, thereby insuring two new members on the Board. Following the ballot count, the three successful candidates, for whom congratulations are in order, were as follows:

  • Ryan Burns
  • Joe Fadrowsky
  • Thomas Fitzgerald.

It is expected that Mr. Fadrowsky will keep his position as Treasurer, and given that the current Board President, Susan Novell, did not run for re-election, a new Board President will be installed for 2017. Thanks are also due to Mr.’s Hedger, Limpert and Molezzo who, by running,  exhibited an interest in serving their community.

The new Board will face many challenges in the year to come, and we all wish them well.