SOA Facilities Committee et al

somersett UnitedEarlier this year a new SOA Facilities Committee was created. This Committee will augment the existing Strategic Planning Committee by focusing more on short term issues with the following purpose in mind (i.e., as extracted from the Committee Charter):

The Facilities Committee shall advise the Board and Association Staff on matters related to systems, amenities, facility usage, facility changes (additions, deletions, modifications, etc.) within The Club at Town Center (TCTC) and SOA common areas, including Canyon 9.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Hold scheduled meetings to discuss topics published in advance in an agenda related to common area and TCTC facilities, amenities and/or activities.
  • Solicit and receive input from Association homeowners and staff regarding facility/amenity usage and changes.
  • Report its findings and recommendations in writing to the Board.

To date nothing has been published on the SOA’s website with regard to any committee meeting recaps, so its findings and recommendations, if any, are not evident.

This is a common fault with other committees as well. In general, SOA Committee recaps when published on the website are written more as “meeting minutes” and not overly informative.

Perhaps as the new SOA website evolves, our SOA Committees will see fit to publish routine “Committee Reports” (e.g., either bi monthly or quarterly), informing homeowners as to their activities, goals, accomplishments, etc. This would also apply to a “Board Report”, which would supplement the current BOD meeting minutes, the last of which was for the June 22nd BOD Meeting.

TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? – Committee and Board Member comments welcome.

5 thoughts on “SOA Facilities Committee et al

  1. It is indeed a shame that the SOA web site is working so poorly that access (not easy ) and posting of info very slow
    Hence no updates

    Perhaps they should offer a link to SU so interested parties can access topically posted comments.

    Joe Fadrowsky did a great job at responding to my comments/questions via SU. This was helpful to me, informative and certainly gave all residents excellent reasons to vote for him ( which they did )

    So the SU site is easy to use and works well

    1. What a great idea! This SU website is so easy to use that even a moron could run it! And even computer-challenged idiots on out-dated Macs, who don’t know how to login with a user name and password, can post misinformed comments and poorly-conceived suggestions. I think we should have SU take over all the associations website communications. Please provide the SU website administrator’s name and contact information so we can move forward!

      1. At least it works – unlike the site run by the “morons” at the Town Center. Somehow I do not believe that the Association views as customers of the “services/facilities” !! Why do you assume that all the comments on SU are mis-informed?

        Actually it is quite wrong to call any computer site administrator a moron. That, Old Joe, is comment which should not be made.

        Now try posting this on MySomersett!

        Once again, my compliments to Joe Fadrowsky in answering my questions (misinformed or not) in a really positive friendly vote-getting manner.

        1. Just because you can’t use a website doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I never have any problems with it and I am truly a moron.

  2. Many committees are the places where the personal interests of the few are promulgated upon the disinterested many.

    As one person has said, not much was accomplished by this committee and it was more of a ‘Happy Talk” committee that went nowhere fast.

    Hopefully owners will see needed accomplishments moving forward from the various committees.

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