Toll Brothers Somersett Village 6 Development

somersett UnitedA reminder that the meeting between a Toll Brothers representative and Somersett owners will be held as scheduled tomorrow Wednesday, December 7th, starting at 4:30 PM at the Aspen Lodge in Sierra Canyon. This meeting is in regard to the proposed Toll Brothers 165 lot single family residential subdivision  located within the Somersett PUD in the vicinity of Hawk Meadow Trail and the Somersett Fire Station. The Toll Brothers representative will describe the project and answer owner questions. Concerns about the project that have been raised by some Sierra Canyon owners include the following:

  • Truck/construction Traffic
  • Relocation of the trailhead too close to resident’s homes
  • Extensive grading on a hillside and cuts over 20 feet and fills over 10 feet
  • A second entrance needed at Roundabout 6 – not just an emergency-only access road.

A Public Hearing regarding this project will be held by the Reno Planning Commission in City Council Chambers on December 15th at 6:00PM, Reno City Hall, 1 East First Street.

Somersett owners who wish to become informed on this project, ask questions and/or express concerns are encouraged to attend.