Toll Brothers Somersett Village 6 Development

somersett UnitedA reminder that the meeting between a Toll Brothers representative and Somersett owners will be held as scheduled tomorrow Wednesday, December 7th, starting at 4:30 PM at the Aspen Lodge in Sierra Canyon. This meeting is in regard to the proposed Toll Brothers 165 lot single family residential subdivision  located within the Somersett PUD in the vicinity of Hawk Meadow Trail and the Somersett Fire Station. The Toll Brothers representative will describe the project and answer owner questions. Concerns about the project that have been raised by some Sierra Canyon owners include the following:

  • Truck/construction Traffic
  • Relocation of the trailhead too close to resident’s homes
  • Extensive grading on a hillside and cuts over 20 feet and fills over 10 feet
  • A second entrance needed at Roundabout 6 – not just an emergency-only access road.

A Public Hearing regarding this project will be held by the Reno Planning Commission in City Council Chambers on December 15th at 6:00PM, Reno City Hall, 1 East First Street.

Somersett owners who wish to become informed on this project, ask questions and/or express concerns are encouraged to attend.

9 thoughts on “Toll Brothers Somersett Village 6 Development

  1. More natural hillside rent asunder for human progress.

    Perhaps more important than critquing their building plan and worrying about their trucks (I guess because SC is finished – and the trucks are going); we should be asking Toll to build the West Park and perhaps add to the TCTC. – so there will be room for their residents to work-out/play when they finish.

    It is a great pity that our Sierra Canyon neighbors decided to “look a gift-horse” in the mouth from Pulte and did not take the two structures (modified to add to the Aspen Lodge facilities) offered for a modest price !! Possibly less than the “real Somersett” folks paid for a still unused unlandscaped lot at the Town center. Now we will have two or three extra new houses with new residents to be crammed into an overcrowded community center.

    Who made that decision? I dont recall being asked…

    I am not sure why some residents always want to mess with “developers”, and stop them from doing what developers do. We should be asking them to improve (at their expense) the amenities for all … perhaps replacing a barren hillside with lots of trees, real grass and a really nice recreational area – where my dog can run free…Maybe it is because they don’t think that they live in Somersett, or don’t want to!

  2. Sierra Canyon/Del Webb Reno is almost finished. Pulte’s self-imposed deadline is in February 2017.

    The Sales Center building is now being replaced by two new homes (both sold already). Models are almost all sold. Pulte’s two empty lots on Cricketwood will have homes on them.

    Final build-out number is 1,212.

    While Putle did offer their Sales Center to the Sierra Canyon Association, they were impatient and not easy to deal with. I would say it was a teaser offer. At the first call they indicated they needed an answer in just a few weeks. Before any price could be agreed upon, the Association had to figure out how to finance; have the building inspected; get the zoning changed; make sure required number of parking spaces could be installed; check with the City on required number of bathrooms and decide where to put; and get a 50%+1 positive vote from association members/owners. Just plain not enough time so Pulte pulled the plug. The Association sure could have used a “Lodge Annex.” Too bad it couldn’t be made to happen.

    Once a developer turns over its properties and the association accepts them, the developer is “out.” No more common area maintenance expenses for them. The association needs to have the developer “take care of things”, e.g. landscaping, before accepting what the developer is trying to get rid off. Association people checking the property before turnover need to do so with their eyes open and know what they are looking at and for.

  3. Posted on behalf of Ken and Pam:

    Concerned Neighbors,

    We have one piece of good news concerning the Toll Brothers proposed development above the Fire Station. We are 99% sure the trail-head will be relocated to the proposed West Park parking lot. This location will keep the trail-head away from current and future homes. The parking area at West Park will not allow for someone to park with a trailer to unload their off road vehicle.

    Toll Brothers will probably not state, unless asked at the meeting tomorrow night, that by moving the trail-head, it saves Toll Brothers money. It saves the cost to construct a paved parking lot, and instead the parking lot at the proposed park will be used.

    There are still no definite answers about construction traffic concerns, or the construction of a second entrance into the project. The safety of the the rock wall to the north of the fire station remains a concern due to large rocks which have toppled from the existing rock walls. And there are no satisfactory answers to the excessive grading of the project site which include the reduction of the western ridge by 60 feet.

    We really hope you can make the meeting on Wednesday night. Toll Brothers will no doubt tell us how wonderful the project will be for Somersett. To a certain extent we agree, but only with some modifications which soften the effect on the surrounding community.

    Wednesday, December 7, 4:30 p.m.
    Aspen Lodge, Tahoe and Sierra Rooms

    Ken and Pam

    PS Just to be clear we are talking about Somersett Village Six (building area) and not Village 6 within Sierra Canyon.

  4. Response to concerned Sierra Canyon homeowners:

    1. How concerned were these Sierra Canyon Owners about construction traffic when their homes were being built?
    2. Given the trail use in Somersett, I doubt trailhead locations are or will be a problem for anyone – sounds like a “red herring” to me.
    3. Somersett is a hillside community, grading is to be expected. I am sure that Toll Brothers will have to adhere to allowable construction standards.
    4. Another Somersett entrance at Roundabout 6 may be the only valid concern here.

    Never ceases to amaze me how intolerant people are when after getting their home, they don’t want any new ones built. Somewhat like people who buy adjacent to an airport, then complain about the noise!

    Live with it, Somersett is a planned community not yet built out. Many of us who bought homes here had to live with construction traffic and noise, which we knew going in and learned to live with.

    1. Dear Neighbors,

      Thanks to all who were able to attend the meeting tonight. There were well over 100 on the sign-up sheet, and as evidenced by the completely full house, many more than that. These numbers definitely told the Toll Brothers representatives that we have concerns and our questions and comments underscored that fact. A lot of information was shared about the project, and we disagreed with much of the information presented. We will soon provide information about why we disagree.


      THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016
      City Council Chambers
      Reno City Hall
      1 East First Street
      6:00 p.m.

      More information will follow soon – including directions and more specific information on the meeting and agenda. Also, I will send out information and we’ll start a letter-writing campaign. Get your pens out!

      There will probably be a daily email and I apologize for that. This is the time for the full-court press. The Planning Commissioners are responsive to our letters and attendance at the meeting. Together we will make a difference.

      Pam and Ken
      Sierra Canyon Owners

      1. What commentary will be made to the City Planners?

        Is there a specific agenda – perhaps you (Pam and Ken?) can share the Toll Brothers comments on SU so all can read and see…

        As Sierra Canyon is fully built out – and the rest of Somersett is not (3-400 houses to go). Perhaps we should erect barriers betyween SC and Somersett proper to ensure that the construction traffic enters from the Mae Ann end…

        Ah yes, a closed community surrounded by mountainous vistas…

        Did anyone ask Toll to build the West Park + Dog Run??? (and parking )

        West Park is far more important to the community than another 100 houses in hilly terrain
        (actually all the houses in Somersett/Sierra Canyon are on hills)

  5. Lots of good and educational comments on this topic.

    At least I am not afraid to use my real name on posts.

    1. I’ve posted several comments using your “real” name also.
      SU doesn’t care what name you use.
      That’s why you can’t believe anything you read on this website.
      Posting here is like writing on a bathroom wall.

  6. Posted with permission from Ken & Pam McNeil

    Village 3 Neighbors,

    Pam and I have some good news to share about the existing 60 foot 4-tiered wall to the north of the Somersett Fire Station. At the Planning Commission marathon meeting, we were unsure what would be done, if anything, to make this wall safe. We decided to see if we could get a better answer to our concerns about the safety of the wall than what was stated by City of Reno staff members at the Planning Commission meeting.

    Yesterday we received an answer from Gabe Wittler which put a smile on our faces. Gabe is the engineer hired by Toll Brothers to draw up the plans for the development. Gabe gave a detailed answer regarding how the rockery wall will be evaluated to make it safe. In our opinion, this plan makes sense.

    Gabe will include a representative from Somersett in the evaluation process. This is very important since the rockery wall will eventually be included in a common area maintained by the Somersett Owners Association.

    We liked his response so much that we would like to share it with you. We have spoken to Mr. Wittler many times, and although we have not always agreed, we consider him to be a man of his word.

    Below is his response to our continued concerns about the rockery wall, plus a commitment that new rockery walls will conform to City of Reno Rockery Wall Design Standards.

    Ken and Pam McNeil – Sierra Canyon Owners
    775 787-9855

    1. Our plan of attack for the existing 4-tiered walls as we move into construction documents is to track down as much of the original design and inspection information as possible and conduct a site investigation including myself, a City of Reno representative, a Toll representative, an HOA representative, and an ENGEO (geotechnical engineer) representative to get a comprehensive analysis of the in situ conditions. I also spoke to the contractor that constructed the walls, and would like to include him and the original structural engineer who designed the existing walls so they can provide historic knowledge as well. This will allow for a field review by licensed professionals, and a documented analysis with any potential recommendations to be included with our final map.

    2. Yes, any new rockery wall construction must conform to the current Rockery Wall Design Standards.

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