January 25th Board of Directors Meeting

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 25th at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center. For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

January 25th BOD Meeting Agenda

 In addition to the BOD Meeting Agenda, a “Board Meeting Packet” is now being made available to SOA members via the mysomersett.com website. These packets contain detailed information behind the agenda items, which is good because the agenda document itself does not provide sufficient descriptions as to what the agenda items are all about.  The January 25th Board Meeting Packet may be accessed by logging on to your http://www.mysomersett.com account (If you do not have one, you are urged to sign up) and clicking on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link.

Background information on some the January 25th agenda items are as follows:

Item 4  –  December 14th 2016 BOD Meeting Minutes

If one did not attend the December BOD Meeting, this document summarizes discussions and decisions. However, to read it you must access the January 25th Board Meeting Packet as discussed above. Some notable contents include:

  • Election of BOD Officers: Glenda Powell – President, Tom Fitzgerald – Secretary, Joe Fadrowsky – Treasurer
  • A Reno Parks Presentation addressing access recommendations to Sierra Vista Park from Somersett. That is, vehicle access at the 1900 block of Dakota Ridge Trail (parking lot to be located on Park property) and pedestrian access at the intersection of Somersett Parkway and Whisper Rock Way.
  • BOD positions and recommendations for construction flow traffic through Somersett and the Toll Brothers Area 6 (165 single family homes) development.
  • A decision to hold Homeowner Town Hall meetings on The Club at Town Center Expansion Study performed by BJG Architecture and Engineering. This is an extensive 42-page document consisting of the following elements: 1) Process, 2) Key Areas, 3) Priorities and Solutions, 4) Product Examples, 5) Building Code Summary & PUD Parking Requirements, 6) Group Interview Forms, 7) Concept Drawings and 8) Detailed Cost Estimates.  The full report is contained within the “December 14th Board Meeting Packet”, which can be accessed on the mysomersett.com website as described above.

Items 7.a & 7.b  – Bid openings for the Tree Mapping and Irrigation Mapping Proposals

Tree Mapping RFP  –  Provides for a computerized and editable database of all trees within Somersett using industry recognized tree mapping software. Includes aerial maps, GPS information, environmental benefits and maintenance & irrigation recommendations. Bids received from Reno Green Landscaping, American Arborists and Dale Carlon Consulting.

Irrigation Mapping RFP  –  Provides for a computerized and editable database of Somersett’s existing irrigation system documenting the location of all major hardware components.  Evaluate hardware condition and performance. Make recommendations for hardware replacements and/or additions. Optional work scope involves the preparation a feasibility report for use of an alternate water source for the Somersett irrigation system. Bids received from Reno Green Landscaping and Custom Landscape & Irrigation,

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