January 25th SOA BOD Meeting Summary

Somersett United
Somersett United

The following summarizes items discussed at the January 25th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

SOA Committees

The Strategic Planning & Facilities Committee (recently combined) presented their recommendations on moving forward with The Club at Town Center (TCTC) Expansion Study results.  Focus for 2017 will be on TCTC building modifications and in 2019 on TCTC pool modifications. Two Town Hall Meetings are being scheduled in February for an Expansion Study presentation to homeowners.

A proposal was made to include homeowner participation on the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) (Note:  Committee is currently staffed with an outside engineer, builder and architects).  The BOD approved re-writing of the AGC Charter for subsequent review and approval to accomplish same.

It was decided to adopt a more formal process for selection of SOA Committee members, as opposed to the current practice wherein Committee member selections are generally based on individual requests or referrals.  Open Committee positions will now be posted publicly along with a Committee Application Form on the mysomersett.com website.  Forms to be submitted by applicants, which will be reviewed by the BOD and appropriate approvals made.

SOA Legal Update

No resolution yet on the Whisper Rock – Northgate property owner lawsuit issues as extensions have been granted.

Editorial Comment:  This issue appears to have “a life of its own” as it has been ongoing in one form or another for over five years now. Perhaps the BOD can explain what the benefit is to the SOA for continuing this litigation against Whisper Rock homeowners.  On the contrary, it appears that these homeowners benefited the Association by purchasing Northgate property adjacent to their existing property, which financially facilitated the city of Reno being able to purchase the remaining land for development of the “Sierra Vista Park”.  This circumventing purchase by a builder for residential development.

In response to a homeowner inquiry on status of the SOA Attorney letter to the Somersett Country Club alleging non-compliance with certain Lease Agreement provisions (see November 19, 2016 post entitled “Is the Honeymoon Over”), the Board advised that responses had been received and resolution was moving along positively.

Bid Openings

Bids were opened from vendors submitting proposals for Tree Mapping and Irrigation Mapping services. Three vendors submitted proposals for the Tree Mapping services and two for the Irrigation Mapping.  In opening the Bids, it became apparent that vendors were not proposing like work scopes as bids ranged from $5.5K to $45K for the Tree Mapping service and $10K to $38K for the Irrigation Mapping. Bids were referred to committee for review and vendor interviews.

Common Area Soil Issues

The SOA Engineer discussed soil and drainage issues in the Woodcrest area that have been exacerbated by the recent rains. Described temporary measures that have been accomplished but that a permanent solution would be necessary.  The BOD approved $15K to begin work pending proposed work descriptions and cost estimates.

Two homeowners presented their experience and analysis (performed by an outside consultant) of the dangers their properties faced due to the erosion, drainage and/or slippage of adjacent SOA common area land. Stressed that these were significant problems needing prompt attention.  The BOD committed to investigate.

10 thoughts on “January 25th SOA BOD Meeting Summary

  1. If you folks weren’t asleep at the wheel you would know that the association is a defendant in the lawsuit you are commenting about. Since you have sued the association in the past (and taken your neighbor’s money), you probably know that only the plaintiff can drop the lawsuit. There isn’t much the association can do except defend itself (and those of us who live here).

    1. Old Joe – You have it wrong as usual. The previous SOA Developer controlled BOD was the first to initiate action against the Northgate property purchasers, which has evolved into the current situation. Homeowners have a right to protect their and community interests as BOD actions are not always infallible.

      1. You should let the BOD know that, since they have proposed a settlement which has not been accepted by plaintiff. You folks are clearly the experts when it comes to suing the Somersett Owners Association, and of course, you are never wrong (like about the golf course thing).

        1. Old Joe – As previously stated in the comment you replied to, the past Developer Controlled BOD started this whole process by notifying Northgate property purchasers they were in violation of the SOA CCR’s by accessing their Northgate property (which backed up to their SOA property) from their backyards. The Developer intent, for whatever purpose, being to annex this property into the SOA and subject it to the SOA CCR’s. This in spite of the fact the Northgate purchasers had adopted their own CCR’s for this land to protect not only their own property values but the SOA’s as well. Legal steps and litigation obviously followed by both parties.

          To date the SOA BOD has not released any litigation details, perhaps rightfully so, only reporting that litigation is ongoing and currently unresolved. However’ it would be instructive if they released some sort statement as to what they hoped to accomplish and how it would benefit the community at large.

          If you (Old Joe Clark) have knowledge of a proposed settlement then you obviously know more than this website. Perhaps you can share some of this knowledge, hopefully not having been obtained from a confidential source.

  2. Although admittedly not privy to the litigation details, It appears to me that Somerset Homeowners have not been harmed in any way by the purchase of Northgate land by some of the Whisper Rock residents, thereby enabling the City of Reno to purchase, within their budget, the remainder of the Northgate land for open space and park usage. An obvious property value benefit not only to Whisper Rock owners but to the Somersett community at large.

    If the BOD believes there is some sort of CC&R issue here, then why not just grant a variance and move on? It would be interesting to know just how many thousands of dollars the SOA has spent on this endeavor over the last five years with no resolution, most likely creating more harm to the Association than what the BOD hopes to achieve. The BOD should be thanking these homeowners rather than punishing them.

    If I am missing something here, perhaps a BOD representative would care to respond.

    1. I am in total agreement with Jim Haar on this issue. Why expend further legal fees over an issue begun by the developer for his own purpose? This legal battle has no merit or benefit to the HOA and should be concluded and disbanded. Stop the bleeding of non-essential costs to the HOA.

  3. All owners need to speak factually. Board can make that easier to do if there were real communications around here.

    Don’t hold your breath for a BOD representative response. Appears to me that Somersett United has openly supported the election of some board members in vain.

  4. It’s funny that you are so proud of using your “real” name (if you are Joe Bower) when the person running this website is proudly anonymous (although most people know who that is).
    The BOD is well-advised not to complicate communications with residents by posting comments on this site. Most people that live here do not want to be tainted by association with the posts presented here.

    1. Old Joe

      If the mysomersett site actually was easy to use and allowed a posting of topics asking questions …

      Unfortunately questions asked of the Board at their infrequent meetings – never get answered or even addressed. It seems the only way to get them to address a specific question/complaint is to write to the Ombudsman…now that costs the Association …

      Silence by the Board and First Residential on questions/comments/concerns is hardly good customer service. All residents are customers paying for services they want (and maybe don’t want). They demand respect and prompt answers!

      Annomynous (not Joe Bower, not Old Joe, not Jim Haar!)

      1. Dear Annomynous,

        I think you meant to be “anonymous” and can’t spell. But that’s beside the point.
        And who know (or cares) who you really are, since anything goes here, including name-calling. But I agree with your point about getting answers.

        Silence by the staff and the board is not good. I’ve noticed, however that the new website does allow posting of questions and comments, and that the administrator has been answering them.

        I am curious to know what you mean when you assert that the Somersett website is not easy to use. All you have to do is log in and post your comment. They also have a contact form where you can ask to have something posted. They say that they want to encourage discussion. So what is it that makes it hard to use (other than having to spell things correctly)?

        It’s always amusing to see people asking the board or committees to respond to questions posted on this website. This website operates in a manner contrary to law and the CC&R’s and does not encourage civil discourse. No one wants to entrust their communications to a facility operated in that way by an anonymous person.

        It would be better to move your discussion and questions to the official Somersett website where you can really get an answer and won’t be ignored. You should give them a chance before condemning them. If the website isn’t working, you should help them improve it so we can all communicate officially and efficiently. Real discussions should go on the record and be shared with everyone. That isn’t going to happen here.

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