The following submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

There are more and deeper potholes on Somersett Parkway than ever.

What is the Board doing? Waiting for councilperson and Somersett owner, Neoma Jardon, to get us to the top of the Repair List?

I have long reported the asphalt problems on the entry side of the Monument on Somersett Ridge along with photos. I do that every year and the City does fix, thank you City; but every year the same thing happens again with each year worse than the previous.

I haven’t been able to get a wide strip of bricks to replace the asphalt, but keep trying.

4 thoughts on “POTHOLES GALORE

  1. I saw what looks like a city road crew w/equipment parked on Somersett near the golf course this morning. Could they be the crew to repair all of the potholes?

  2. Joe you are right, the potholes are horrible on the Parkway. Just like the entire city. Reno has seen a record amount of rain and snow this season (which we badly needed!) which continues to cause damage to roadways, landscaping etc. But there are only so many city staff to work on these problems. Why do you feel Somersett should be at the top of the list for repairs over any other city street? Give the city a chance instead of acting like they, or the SOA BOD, is making us wait on purpose. – Samantha J, Sierra Canyon

  3. I don’t think Somersett should be at the top of the list. I was trying to say that perhaps our Board/management might be waiting for the city council person to pave the way (no pun intended) to the list instead of acting on their own and getting us on it as the sooner the better.

    Sorry if I didn’t make my thoughts more clear.

    It looks like a few potholes have been filled.

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