Storm Erosion and Drainage Damage

somersett UnitedIn a recent email to Somersett residents, the SOA advised of hillside erosion which resulted in the collapse of some rock retaining walls along the 14th fairway of the SGCC, affecting homes off of Ridge Field Trail.  Hopefully, affected homeowners may have some recourse from the Developer of these home sites.

This is not an isolated situation as the recent storms have resulted in water erosion and drainage damage to other Somesett residents and SOA common areas.  It is quite possible that upcoming storms will exacerbate the current situations.  Residents who are experiencing or fear problems in this regard are urged to contact the SOA, especially if adjacent SOA native areas are involved.

2 thoughts on “Storm Erosion and Drainage Damage

  1. The rock (association likes the term rockery) wall collapsed over the February 11/12th weekend. The news about it was posted on the Somersett Association website on the 17th. Why the delay? Five days to get a warning out!

    Somersett does have a Communications Committee. If a rock wall were to collapse in Sierra Canyon, I am sure the news would have been posted on our website that day.

    Rebecca Smith – – is the Somersett Communications Director.

    Ryan Dominguez – – is the Somersett Community Manager.

    Potential and actual rock wall failures are a great concern to all owners, especially those who have property and live nearby. Such potential failures have been widely talked about with regard to the Toll Bros project going in up and behind the Fire Station. There are already two rockery wall failures there and that locale is where the West Park will be with its children’s play area; dog area; and community garden.

    Nature has its way, but owners need to be kept informed. At least we don’t have a dam in here.

    BTW how about them potholes!

  2. A few years ago the rock wall behind several lots at the bottom of Crescent Point Way collapsed. this was before homes were built on those lots. The repairs required several pieces of heavy equipment for a week. Who was responsible for the costs of the repair work? At the time I was told SGCC was the owner of the walls adjacent to SGCC property but I could not verify this. Nor could I verify who picked up the repair cost.

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