March 22nd BOD Meeting Summary

Following is a recap of some of the more significant issues discussed and or approved at the March 22nd Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. See prior post for agenda items and related information.

The Traffic Advisory Committee presented its Executive Report to the BOD on Somersett traffic observations and recommendations for traffic safety improvements.  The BOD had previously approved funding for installation of radar activated speed signs, will take the other recommendations under advisement and assess funding requirements.

The Communication Committee presented its recommendation to hire D4 Advanced Media for SOA website improvements involving home page modifications and member database integration.  The BOD voted to accept the D4 proposal.  Estimated cost at $150/hr is $3750 to $4650.

Strategic Planning Committee.  The BOD approved moving forward with installation of the proposed glass enclosure on the 2nd floor balcony above The Club at Town Center’s (TCTC) Canyon View Room (estimated cost $15K).  This to reduce noise impact on the 2nd floor management staff offices.  The BOD deferred decision on the installation of acoustic panels in this area pending results from the enclosure installation.  During the homeowner comment period, a homeowner objected to this project on the basis that it did nothing for residents, that the offices already had individual doors and the total project cost could be better used for member services.

Town Center Management.  The SOA has been established as the “Approving Owner” for the Town Center properties (this includes all third party retail and vacant lots in addition to the SOA properties) and therefore has the right to approve building and landscape plans related thereto.  In this regard the BOD approved: 1) establishment of an “Unincorporated Association” with its attendant set of Town Center CC&R’s and Easement Agreement, 2) the hiring by FirstService Residential (the SOA Management Company) of a full time (initially) Manager to oversee the Association and, 3) a resolution that will require all building and landscaping plans for these properties to be submitted to the SOA’s Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) for approval or rejection.

Foreclosure Lot. There is a small unbuildable parcel of land located at the corner of Willow Ranch Trail and Trail Hollow Court that is currently in foreclosure to be auctioned off by the Washoe County Treasurers Office.  The BOD approved looking into the parcel particulars for possible purchase by the Association.

Shelf Clean Up Proposal.  The BOD approved renewing the current contract for another year at the same price of $18K.

SOA Rock Wall and Common Area Soil Failures. Assessments have been completed, proposals for repair work have been received and are under review.    The BOD acknowledged the urgency of moving forward with repair work and will most likely award contracts prior to the next BOD Meeting.  Also, they will be scheduling an “Engineering Workshop” in the near future to address this “complex” issue. Two Somersett homeowners commented on damage to their properties as a result of these failures and implied they would be looking to the SOA for repair work cost reimbursements.

TCTC and Parkway Landscape Proposals.  Proposals were opened for landscape maintenance of the SOA Town Center properties. Bidders were Reno Green Landscaping and the Somersett Country Club.  Contract was awarded to Reno Green at $2215 per service month. A homeowner suggested requiring the use of electric mowers around TCTC lawn areas to reduce pollution.  Reno Green was also awarded a separate contract, at $4500 per service month, to extend their Somersett Ridge Parkway maintenance to include the area between Andover Court and the Sierra Canyon entrance monument.

Committee Memberships.  The BOD voted to limit homeowner participation on SOA Committees to only one at a time.  A homeowner, currently serving on two committees, objected to this limitation. The BOD also approved an AGC Charter Draft that will accommodate homeowner participation. The AGC will now consist of one homeowner in addition to the current BOD and Professional participants.


March 22nd BOD Meeting Update

The March 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda has been updated slightly from that published in the previous post. The updated agenda may be accessed via the following link:

March 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda – Updated

The “Board Meeting Packet” referenced in the previous post is also now available for viewing on the SOA website. However, not all of the updated Agenda items contain back-up information in the Board Packet.  Those that do include the following:

  •  A 26 page Executive Report prepared by the Ad Hoc Traffic Advisory Committee .  This report addresses observed traffic patterns for three defined areas within Sommersett and provides recommendations for enhanced traffic safety for each.  Recommendations involve installation of 1) a programmable traffic related message board, 2) radar enhanced speed warning signs, 3) a button  activated pedestrian crossing, 4) yield signs and 5) speed bumps.
  • The Communication Committee is recommending hiring D4 Advanced Media (The SOA website designer) to perform some SOA website enhancements.  This includes updating the SOA website homepage to accommodate multiple blog categories in lieu of the current single blog format. Also to develop a program that will integrate the EZSuite Club Management and SOA Website member databases.  That is, to automatically sync them such that both contain the same member information.  The Packet contains the D4 proposal for performing the requested service.
  • The February 22nd BOD Meeting Minutes.  An overview of topics discussed, approvals granted and homeowner comments from the previous BOD Meeting.
  • Association Financials.  The usual multi-page balance sheets, statements of revenues & expenses, cash activity, delinquent assessment history, etc.
  • Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC).  Proposed new charter for the AGC which expands membership to include an Association unit owner in addition to BOD members.  Also a resolution that requires all building and landscaping plans for Town Center properties to be submitted to the AGC for approval.
  • Description of a small parcel of land off of Trail Hollow Court being foreclosed on and scheduled for auction on April 26, 2017.
  • A proposal from Reno Green Landscaping for landscape maintenance of The Club at Town Center (TCTC).  In previous years, landscape maintenance for TCTC was provided for by the Somersett Country Club.

For a complete reading of the March 22nd Board packet, one may log on to your account and click on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link. 

March 22nd  Board of Directors Meeting

Somersett United

As previously reported, the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) are now holding their open meetings on a monthly basis. The March meeting is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, March 22nd at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center. For those interested in attending, the meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

March 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda

 In addition to the BOD Meeting Agenda, a “Board Meeting Packet” is now being made available to SOA members, which contain more detailed information on agenda topics. However, at the time of this posting the March 22nd Packet had not yet been published, therefore, SU has no additional information to share in this regard.

Owners may access these Board Meeting Packets by logging on to your account and clicking on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link

As in all open BOD meetings, owners will have the opportunity to ask questions or provide comments on any of the agenda topics (i.e., at the beginning of the meeting) or any other non agenda topic (i.e., at the end of the meeting).


February BOD Meeting Post Comment

Somersett United
Somersett United

It is this website’s practice not to respond to comments submitted by readers, as all comments are considered sacrosanct regardless of opinions, pro or con, on posted articles. However, Ms. Slattery’s comment on our “February BOD Meeting” post starts out by suggesting this website should be disbanded for sending out false information.

SU rejects the premise that there is false information contained in the “February BOD Meeting” article.  In this post, Items 1 thru 6 simply capture what transpired with regard to BOD Meeting Agenda items.  The only false information Ms. Slattery offered up on these items was that the TCTC pool was NOT open from 6AM to 4PM as reported.  An obvious oversight by Ms. Slattery in that the post clearly stated the “Lap Pool” was open these hours, which is indeed the case.

It appears that Ms. Slattery is most concerned about the negativity directed toward the SOA under Item 7 “Homeowner Comments” regarding the SOA’s non-compliance letter sent to numerous Sierra Canyon owners. The letter speaks for itself with the opening statement “The Somersett Board of Directors is notifying you of non-compliance issues regarding your front yard landscaping. As installed, the front yard landscaping on your home violates the PUD, CC&R’s, and Aesthetic Guidelines of the Community by not meeting the minimum planting requirements as stated on the approved typical landscape plans” (Note: Total letter content is contained in previous SU post entitled “First the Fence now the Plant Police”). Receipt of this letter apparently upset many Sierra Canyon owners as observed by their presence and voiced comments at the February Board meeting.  The SU post only reported on and did not falsely characterize these homeowner comments.  If so desired, an audio CD of the February Board Meeting is available to any homeowner requesting it, although not always the best quality in capturing audience comments.

In her comment, Ms. Slattery summarized events leading up to issuance of the non-compliance letters.  This chronology is indeed informative and should be read by the affected Sierra Canyon owners.  Perhaps if this background had been more deeply communicated to all, some of the negativity toward the SOA could have been alleviated.

February BOD Meeting

Somersett United
Somersett United

Some of the more significant issues discussed and or approved at the February 22nd Board of Directors Meeting were as follows:



  1. The Board approved a Finance Committee recommendation to award Reno Green the Tree Mapping and Irrigation Mapping contracts.  The Tree Mapping contract price was $1/Tree with an estimated 7500 trees to be documented.  The Irrigation Mapping price was unspecified but not to exceed $9000. Selection of Reno Green from the three bidders was obvious, given familiarity with the SOA landscaping and the fact they were the low bidder for both.  Contract awards are subject to acceptance of some conditions (e.g., SOA ownership of maps and associated databases) and review by SOA legal counsel.
  2.  The Board approved the West Park Committee recommendation on the re-allocation of land usage for the proposed West Park (for details see the previous SU “West Park Update” post dated March 2, 2017).
  3. The Board approved the issuance of four free pool use guest passes per year per household, not valid on holidays. It was also announced the lap pool was now open year-round from 6AM to 4PM.
  4. The Board approved holding their BOD open meetings on a monthly rather that bi-monthly basis.  This to begin immediately.
  5. The Community Manager briefly discussed winter storm damage issues within Somersett.  Specific problem areas mentioned were in Woodcrest (soil erosion and hillside slippage), the SGCC’s 14th hole (upper and lower rock wall failures) and drainage problems from SOA boundary walls into homeowner lots.  Seth Padovan (AGC Committee Consulting Engineer) has been working on these issues for the SOA and obtaining proposals from Geotechnical Engineers for problem investigation and repair solutions. These are expected shortly. However, repair work at this time is improbable due to the extremely wet soil conditions.
  6.  The originally planned Homeowner Town Hall Meeting on The Club at Town Center expansion was postponed to allow additional time to address cost related issues.  Instead the Board will be holding a workshop with the Finance and Strategic Planning & Facilities Committees on March 7th to discuss proposals, costs and preferred directions.
  7. Under the Homeowner Comments agenda, several Sierra Canyon owners spoke out against the generic letter sent to many owners addressing non-compliance with front yard planting requirements (see previous SU post “First the Fence, now the Plant Police”).  Comments centered on the following:
  • The Non-Compliance letter was generic with no specificity as to where the recipients were not compliant with planting requirements.
  • Owners purchased their home from the Developer (Pulte) in good faith and were unaware that front yard landscaping was non-compliant.
  • Many bought years ago and do not understand why this long after closing they are now receiving a non-compliance letter. Very unprofessional to hold owners responsible for a Developer oversight.
  • The SOA should have been overseeing the Developer to insure planting requirements were being met. To now expect owners to communicate and resolve their issues with Pulte is unreasonable. The SOA should be pressuring the Developer to correct non-compliances rather than placing the burden on the homeowners
  • The Non-Compliance letter was prepared and issued by the SOA without coordination with the Sierra Canyon Association. This lack of communication furthers the divide between the two associations.
  • Letter showed a lack of common sense and good judgement and should be rescinded.
  • A Sierra Canyon homeowner commented on the lack of communication between the Somersett and Sierra Canyon Boards. Proposed that routine meetings between Board members (two from each Board) be held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

West Park Update

Somersett United
Somersett United

The West Park Committee has been working with Toll Brothers and the City of Reno on obtaining an additional acre of land for the proposed West Park, which will most likely be granted.  This would increase park size from 3.68 to 4.68 acres (160,300 to 203,860 sq. ft.) and provide an additional 41,000 sq. ft.  of useable land.  In this regard the Committee is recommending the reallocation of West Park land usage as follows (values in sq. ft.):


                                                        Original                 Recommended                                      

Useable Space                  `          80,000                          121,000

Community Garden                      6,500                               8,125                                                 

Dog Park                                        43,000                            57,375

Community Use (1)                       7,500                             32,500

Balance (2)                                    23,000                            23,000

(1)   Includes Child Play and Lawn Areas

(2)   Unspecified Required Improvements

Note that the largest allocation increase will be for general Community Use, primarily in level lawn areas.  The Committee felt this was appropriate given the limited Community Use lawn area in the existing East Park.