West Park Update

Somersett United
Somersett United

The West Park Committee has been working with Toll Brothers and the City of Reno on obtaining an additional acre of land for the proposed West Park, which will most likely be granted.  This would increase park size from 3.68 to 4.68 acres (160,300 to 203,860 sq. ft.) and provide an additional 41,000 sq. ft.  of useable land.  In this regard the Committee is recommending the reallocation of West Park land usage as follows (values in sq. ft.):


                                                        Original                 Recommended                                      

Useable Space                  `          80,000                          121,000

Community Garden                      6,500                               8,125                                                 

Dog Park                                        43,000                            57,375

Community Use (1)                       7,500                             32,500

Balance (2)                                    23,000                            23,000

(1)   Includes Child Play and Lawn Areas

(2)   Unspecified Required Improvements

Note that the largest allocation increase will be for general Community Use, primarily in level lawn areas.  The Committee felt this was appropriate given the limited Community Use lawn area in the existing East Park.

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