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Somersett United
Somersett United

It is this website’s practice not to respond to comments submitted by readers, as all comments are considered sacrosanct regardless of opinions, pro or con, on posted articles. However, Ms. Slattery’s comment on our “February BOD Meeting” post starts out by suggesting this website should be disbanded for sending out false information.

SU rejects the premise that there is false information contained in the “February BOD Meeting” article.  In this post, Items 1 thru 6 simply capture what transpired with regard to BOD Meeting Agenda items.  The only false information Ms. Slattery offered up on these items was that the TCTC pool was NOT open from 6AM to 4PM as reported.  An obvious oversight by Ms. Slattery in that the post clearly stated the “Lap Pool” was open these hours, which is indeed the case.

It appears that Ms. Slattery is most concerned about the negativity directed toward the SOA under Item 7 “Homeowner Comments” regarding the SOA’s non-compliance letter sent to numerous Sierra Canyon owners. The letter speaks for itself with the opening statement “The Somersett Board of Directors is notifying you of non-compliance issues regarding your front yard landscaping. As installed, the front yard landscaping on your home violates the PUD, CC&R’s, and Aesthetic Guidelines of the Community by not meeting the minimum planting requirements as stated on the approved typical landscape plans” (Note: Total letter content is contained in previous SU post entitled “First the Fence now the Plant Police”). Receipt of this letter apparently upset many Sierra Canyon owners as observed by their presence and voiced comments at the February Board meeting.  The SU post only reported on and did not falsely characterize these homeowner comments.  If so desired, an audio CD of the February Board Meeting is available to any homeowner requesting it, although not always the best quality in capturing audience comments.

In her comment, Ms. Slattery summarized events leading up to issuance of the non-compliance letters.  This chronology is indeed informative and should be read by the affected Sierra Canyon owners.  Perhaps if this background had been more deeply communicated to all, some of the negativity toward the SOA could have been alleviated.

4 thoughts on “February BOD Meeting Post Comment

  1. My comments were to educate the readers of this column on what is really going on, NOT to publish an OPINION by someone who remains anonymous, At least I don’t publish Alternate Facts anonymously.

  2. I have volunteered to work on Strategic Planning and Facilities this year. The goal of preserving property values, and increasing, if possible, is paramount for me. One of the areas we can do something about is maintaining the exterior of our homes and landscaping. Don’t wait for a letter from the SOA.. paint and prune, if needed. These things affect the overall look of our community.. We all benefit from keeping our exteriors looking good.

  3. Sierra Canyon owners do maintain the landscaping of their homes. What is going on now is the home builder, Pulte, did not install the number and species of trees and plants required for each home over a period of several years. Somersett should have caught that situation years ago and had Pulte correct.

    Why is the matter coming up just as Pulte is about to sell their last home and get out-of-town? Has Somersett been afraid to challenge one of its builders? Does the sale of homes take precedence over everything else?

    How is a new owner purchasing a home with builder-installed landscaping to know it does not meet association established guidelines, especially when his/her front yard looks exactly like his neighbors?

    Many owners don’t even have copies of the Somersett architectural/landscaping guidelines. They search them out only when they want to do a project. Recent new owners have received a binder of home purchase documents without Somersett Guidelines being included.

    How are owners to know that builder-installed wooden retaining walls, an integral part of their property, are not allowed? That’s like buying a house with a chimney and finding out afterwards it’s not allowed.

    Are owners made aware of “what’s what” via informative communications broadcast to owners-at -large? No! Why is the Somersett Living magazine used only for social goings on instead of including association business news? Every Somersett US Mail address receives a copy. What a great way to get information out.

    The improperly installed front yard areas were installed over years without the new owners being told they are a violation before or at time of purchase, and certainly not afterwards until now. Where have the violation cops been? I know – driving around with their eyes closed and not even knowing what the Guidelines say. Why are the largest number of violations letters for weeds. Where’s the other stuff? I bet if I drove around I could find over 500 non-weed violations and that without going up and down every residential street.

    Two big violations are: no front yard tree and if your front yard is xeriscaped you must have juniper in your mow-strip and not grass. There are hundreds of these and other mow-strip violations. Why haven’t owners been cited years ago? Oh yes, why are owners just now receiving violation letters for illegal stained fences that have stood that way for years? When does enforcement start for “chicken wire” on split rails that has been there for years?

    Owners should not be receiving front yard violation letters (or a notification letter that inspections will take place in May and you better get your act together by then or else), when they didn’t cause the violation in the first place.

    I think a judge would say the stature of limitations has passed and you’re free to go.

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