March 22nd BOD Meeting Update

The March 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda has been updated slightly from that published in the previous post. The updated agenda may be accessed via the following link:

March 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda – Updated

The “Board Meeting Packet” referenced in the previous post is also now available for viewing on the SOA website. However, not all of the updated Agenda items contain back-up information in the Board Packet.  Those that do include the following:

  •  A 26 page Executive Report prepared by the Ad Hoc Traffic Advisory Committee .  This report addresses observed traffic patterns for three defined areas within Sommersett and provides recommendations for enhanced traffic safety for each.  Recommendations involve installation of 1) a programmable traffic related message board, 2) radar enhanced speed warning signs, 3) a button  activated pedestrian crossing, 4) yield signs and 5) speed bumps.
  • The Communication Committee is recommending hiring D4 Advanced Media (The SOA website designer) to perform some SOA website enhancements.  This includes updating the SOA website homepage to accommodate multiple blog categories in lieu of the current single blog format. Also to develop a program that will integrate the EZSuite Club Management and SOA Website member databases.  That is, to automatically sync them such that both contain the same member information.  The Packet contains the D4 proposal for performing the requested service.
  • The February 22nd BOD Meeting Minutes.  An overview of topics discussed, approvals granted and homeowner comments from the previous BOD Meeting.
  • Association Financials.  The usual multi-page balance sheets, statements of revenues & expenses, cash activity, delinquent assessment history, etc.
  • Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC).  Proposed new charter for the AGC which expands membership to include an Association unit owner in addition to BOD members.  Also a resolution that requires all building and landscaping plans for Town Center properties to be submitted to the AGC for approval.
  • Description of a small parcel of land off of Trail Hollow Court being foreclosed on and scheduled for auction on April 26, 2017.
  • A proposal from Reno Green Landscaping for landscape maintenance of The Club at Town Center (TCTC).  In previous years, landscape maintenance for TCTC was provided for by the Somersett Country Club.

For a complete reading of the March 22nd Board packet, one may log on to your account and click on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link. 

3 thoughts on “March 22nd BOD Meeting Update

  1. Speed bumps? On public roadways in Reno they require 1) local government sponsored traffic survey, 2) should be under street a light (to be seen at night) and 3) approval by the fire department. It’s all laid out in the Reno city code, look it up.

    I do like the pedestrian crossing lights but they require NV Energy hookups.

    Good luck.

  2. There will be no speed bumps on any parkway within Somersett or Sierra Canyon. All have been designated by the City as a PEVR (Primary Emergency Vehicle Roadway). I have confirmed this several times over the years and again recently.

    After months and months of work, the recommendations in the February 22, 2017 Report prepared by the Somersett Ad Hoc Traffic Advisory Committee will center on a comprehensive traffic safety program that will include:


    Utilizing information relative to traffic safety and driver attitudes disseminated via internal Somersett dissemination media


    Utilize signage physical, messaging and campaigns to target drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists within Somersett


    Employee enforcement with the collaboration of Reno Police Department Traffic Unit to provide traffic enforcement within the community


    Develop program metrics and identify key performance indications in order to maintain and upgrade the program as appropriate to traffic needs

    It should be noted, however, that a few radar speed indicator signs may be installed “here and there.”

  3. There is a speed hump on Dove Mountain (not a PEVR). Anyone know any other locations inside Somersett, The Vue, The Villages, or Sierra Canyon?

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