March 22nd BOD Meeting Summary

Following is a recap of some of the more significant issues discussed and or approved at the March 22nd Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. See prior post for agenda items and related information.

The Traffic Advisory Committee presented its Executive Report to the BOD on Somersett traffic observations and recommendations for traffic safety improvements.  The BOD had previously approved funding for installation of radar activated speed signs, will take the other recommendations under advisement and assess funding requirements.

The Communication Committee presented its recommendation to hire D4 Advanced Media for SOA website improvements involving home page modifications and member database integration.  The BOD voted to accept the D4 proposal.  Estimated cost at $150/hr is $3750 to $4650.

Strategic Planning Committee.  The BOD approved moving forward with installation of the proposed glass enclosure on the 2nd floor balcony above The Club at Town Center’s (TCTC) Canyon View Room (estimated cost $15K).  This to reduce noise impact on the 2nd floor management staff offices.  The BOD deferred decision on the installation of acoustic panels in this area pending results from the enclosure installation.  During the homeowner comment period, a homeowner objected to this project on the basis that it did nothing for residents, that the offices already had individual doors and the total project cost could be better used for member services.

Town Center Management.  The SOA has been established as the “Approving Owner” for the Town Center properties (this includes all third party retail and vacant lots in addition to the SOA properties) and therefore has the right to approve building and landscape plans related thereto.  In this regard the BOD approved: 1) establishment of an “Unincorporated Association” with its attendant set of Town Center CC&R’s and Easement Agreement, 2) the hiring by FirstService Residential (the SOA Management Company) of a full time (initially) Manager to oversee the Association and, 3) a resolution that will require all building and landscaping plans for these properties to be submitted to the SOA’s Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) for approval or rejection.

Foreclosure Lot. There is a small unbuildable parcel of land located at the corner of Willow Ranch Trail and Trail Hollow Court that is currently in foreclosure to be auctioned off by the Washoe County Treasurers Office.  The BOD approved looking into the parcel particulars for possible purchase by the Association.

Shelf Clean Up Proposal.  The BOD approved renewing the current contract for another year at the same price of $18K.

SOA Rock Wall and Common Area Soil Failures. Assessments have been completed, proposals for repair work have been received and are under review.    The BOD acknowledged the urgency of moving forward with repair work and will most likely award contracts prior to the next BOD Meeting.  Also, they will be scheduling an “Engineering Workshop” in the near future to address this “complex” issue. Two Somersett homeowners commented on damage to their properties as a result of these failures and implied they would be looking to the SOA for repair work cost reimbursements.

TCTC and Parkway Landscape Proposals.  Proposals were opened for landscape maintenance of the SOA Town Center properties. Bidders were Reno Green Landscaping and the Somersett Country Club.  Contract was awarded to Reno Green at $2215 per service month. A homeowner suggested requiring the use of electric mowers around TCTC lawn areas to reduce pollution.  Reno Green was also awarded a separate contract, at $4500 per service month, to extend their Somersett Ridge Parkway maintenance to include the area between Andover Court and the Sierra Canyon entrance monument.

Committee Memberships.  The BOD voted to limit homeowner participation on SOA Committees to only one at a time.  A homeowner, currently serving on two committees, objected to this limitation. The BOD also approved an AGC Charter Draft that will accommodate homeowner participation. The AGC will now consist of one homeowner in addition to the current BOD and Professional participants.


5 thoughts on “March 22nd BOD Meeting Summary

  1. The Board also took away the Strategic Plan responsibility for this group. It will now become the boards responsibility. This group will only focus on Facilities and upgrades

  2. What, no more Strategic Planning Committee? The BOD will now perform all Strategic Planning for the SOA? Good luck with that given all the BOD’s other duties.

    Still waiting for some accomplishments based on previous surveys, studies (some contracted for), previous committee recommendations, and the 2016 BOD goal of having a “Long Range Strategic Plan” developed and approved by December 2016. Also, whatever happened to plans for the Town Center lot (currently an eyesore) purchased by the BOD for $260K back in 2014, purportedly for TCTC amenity expansion. Perhaps the to-be-scheduled Town Hall meeting on TCTC expansion will explain all.

  3. Where is the money to come from for the expansion?

    Don’t capital improvements require a vote of owners (not Sierra Canyon in this case)?

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