SOA Management Staff Update

For those of you who might not be aware, there have been some recent changes in the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) FirstService Residential (FSR) management staff.  Per the SOA’s website, the FSR management staff now consists of the following individuals (contact extensions at SOA phone number 775-787-4500 are indicated):

  • Bernadette Rodas    Assistant Community Manager x310
  • Ryan Dominguez    Project Manager x332
  • Brittany Feliz    Administrative Assistant x339
  • Kenna Foote    Compliance Director x327
  • Christopher Fesenmaier    Aesthetics Director x333
  • Kayla Franklin    Communications Director (not yet identified on the website)
  • Callie Froese    Club Manager x320
  • Lindesy McElfish    Program Coordinator x317
  • Ryan Newton    Sports Coordinator x321
  • Ron Eckhardt    Maintenance Manager x336

Note that the SOA Community Manager position is currently vacant.  Ryan Dominguez has stepped down from this position to manage the Town Center Properties Association and the Reno Green Contract. It is expected that a new hire will be accomplished shortly.

Ms. Rodas replaces Andrea Bryant who was promoted to Community Manager for a different FSR Community.  Congratulations to Andrea.

Mr. Fesenmaier and Ms. Franklin replace Erick Olsen and Rebecca Smith who left FSR to pursue other opportunities.

All the above can be reached via email at or alternately at