May 24th BOD Meeting Summary 

Somersett United

Following is a recap of some of the more significant issues discussed and or approved at the May 24th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. A slightly revised agenda from that previously posted was used.

FirstService Residential (FSR) Management Introductions

Tracy Carter (not present) was introduced as the new FSR General Manager for the SOA and will be on board shortly. (Note that“General Manager” replaces the previous “Community Manager” title).  Bernadette Rodas was introduced as the new Assistant General Manager.

Old Business

The anticipated Somersett Fire Suppression Report from RCI was not discussed as this report has apparently not yet been finalized. It will also be removed from the Town Hall Meeting Agenda.

Seth Pandovan (SOA Consulting Engineer) provided an update on the SOA common area rock wall and hillside damage projects resulting from the winter storms.  Bottom line, significant repair work will be required, which will be very costly to the SOA.  No total liability estimates were presented.

New Business

Some minor hillside repair work off of Saddle Tree Trail was approved. Total cost ~$5K.

Repair and maintenance work on various Somersett drainage ditches continue.  The BOD approved an additional $14K for this work.

Discussion on the the Canyon9 Hole Pond Dredging Project was tabled until next month to allow time for additional assessments on how to proceed.

The Club at Town Center (TCTC) Canyon View Room Loft Glass Enclosure project was approved.  Total cost ~$10K.

TCTC Conference Room, Craft Room, and Game Room modifications (e.g., conference table, chairs, cabinets, counter tops) were approved.  Total cost ~$17K.

TCTC Spin Bike and Stairmaster purchases were approved.  Total cost ~$21K

Homeowner Comments

A Somersett resident questioned the ability of the Somersett Country Club to offer memberships to TCTC (i.e., for those Country Club members who are not Somersett residents).  It was pointed out that the Somersett CC&R’s (Article VII, Section 8)  have always permitted such memberships, which also include access to the Canyon9 golf course.  The BOD establishes the fee payable to the SOA for such membership, currently $90/mo.  If the Country Club collects any additional fees, it was not known. These members (approximately 20-25 in number) are subject to the same rules and regulations as regular Association members.