June 28th BOD Meeting Summary

Somersett United

Following is a recap of some of the more significant issues discussed and or approved at the June 28th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. See previous posts for a full list of agenda items.

 FirstService Residential (FSR) SOA Staff

Tracy Carter was introduced as the new FSR General Manager for the SOA. Tracy has been on board for about two weeks and can be reached via email at:  tracy.carter@fsresidential.com. The Board reported that all FSR staff positions are now filled.

 Homeowner Comments

Back Nine Trail residents objected to the construction of new homes in the neighborhood whose design did not fit in with the existing neighborhood design environment. Questioned who made up the SOA Aesthetic Guidelines Committee and what could be done about it.  The BOD was not able to provide a definitive response to the later.

 Note: For those interested, suggest accessing the “Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines” document via the following link:  Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines

 Concerns were expressed over the  lack of supervision in the swimming pool area regarding: 1) inappropriate and repeated behavior of children who are not adequately disciplined by pool staff. Suggested banning repeat offenders from pool use for an appropriate period of time, 2) contamination incidents regarding small children who “poop” in the pool resulting in its closure to sanitize.  Suggested that repeat offenders who do not properly cloth their children to prevent this occurrence be assessed the cost for sanitation.

 Note: Subsequent to the BOD Meeting, a “Somersett Happenings” email was sent to residents with the following statement; “Children wearing diapers must have vinyl pants over the diaper and under the bathing suit. The Club reserves the right to ask a child be removed from the water if he or she is not wearing vinyl pants”.

 A lack of response to a  homeowner letter was noted, letter complained about lots adjacent to his property with dense foliage constituting a fire danger and why nothing has been done to correct the situation. BOD responded that his letter was being addressed, but that Nevada law prevented the SOA from publicly revealing any actions being taken by the SOA against owners for non-compliant situations.

 Due to the predicted large expense facing the SOA for hillside and rock wall repairs resulting from winter storms, a resident questioned what the SOA total liability may be, and how this expense would be covered (e.g., from reserves, special assessments, etc.). Also, as to what liability the Country Club had in this regard given that a large portion of the projected cost is on land leased to the Country Club by the SOA.   The BOD said all these issues were under discussion and action, but to early to report on.

 Association Business

There was no update on legal issues facing the Association.

The Somersett  “Fuel Assessment  Report” (fire suppression) from RCI was accepted and approved by the Board.  Project priorities are being established.  Ryan Dominguez is the FSR Project Manager for this activity.  Ryan can be reached via email at:  ryan.dominguez@fsresidential.com.

Seth Pandovan (SOA Consulting Engineer) provided an update on hillside and rockery wall repair projects.  The Board commented that rockery wall failures on owner property were not the responsibility of the Association to assess.

The Board accepted the Ad Hoc Traffic Study Report, and advised they were also considering some additional signage not addressed by the report. No schedule was given for implementations.

 The Board approved ~$140K for refurbishment of the TCTC Great Room, Canyon View Room and Media Room along with some window blind replacements.

 The Board approved a $14K proposal to survey, map and document (digital format)  all rockery walls within the SOA Common area.

 The Board approved a request from Developers to produce a Somersett aerial and TCTC 3D tour video for marketing purposes.

 The Board referred to the Communication Committee a request by the Country Club to provide some sort of homeowner survey.

 Common area ditch repair and maintenance as well as the Canyon9 pond cleaning was deferred pending additional information.

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