Wildfire Fuel Assessment & Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Somersett and Sierra Canyon Owners Associations had retained Resource Concepts, Inc (RCI) of Carson City to evaluate existing fuel hazards within the Somersett Community and to provide recommendations and priorities for fuel reduction treatments to reduce the threat of wildfire.  The result being preparation of the subject report, “Wildfire Fuel Assessment & Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)”, which has subsequently been approved by the Associations.

This report should be of upmost interest to Somersett residents, especially those in close proximity to open areas.  To read the RCI report it its entirety, one may click on the following link:

Wildfire Fuels Assessment & CWPP Plan

Table 2 within the RCI report identifies priorities and recommended treatments for specific Somersett neighborhoods. A map of the referenced neighborhoods may be viewed by clicking on the following link:


One thought on “Wildfire Fuel Assessment & Community Wildfire Protection Plan

  1. The following comment submitted by Jeff Church

    Regarding the Somersett RCI report, I do disagree with the following assessment:

    “3.2 Assessment Findings – CommunityWide Findings
    Fire protection in both communities was excellent with 500 gallons per minute (gpm) fire hydrants, career department fire stations and low risk utilities. Structures are well constructed with non-combustible roofing and siding, enclosed eves and good access to constructed dwellings. Landscaped road medians, community entrances, and developed residential lots all appeared to be well maintained from the perspective of regular maintenance of high fire fuel hazards and invasive weeds.”

    The Somersett RFD #19 on Hawk Meadow Tr:, dormant or browned out for years recently re-opened only with MRUs. 2 person Medical Response Units. I have it on writing that they are not automatically dispatched to fires, even in their own backyard. I have not looked in to see if there are any actual fire trucks inside. So even on Red Flag days the area is unprotected but for Mae Anne #11 (if not already tied up) and TMFPD #35 at the bottom of the hill. Luckily, only through legislative action (NRS277.045) fought by many in Reno, Somersett has Automatic Aid (for fires only) with Washoe-Truckee. Reno-IAFF contract otherwise prohibits automatic aid, volunteers or seasonal firefighters to staff #19. Unlike Sparks and TMFPD, IAFF contract also prohibits 3 person crews. In fact if a station (such as Mae Anne) falls short of 4 persons (i.e. sick call in, military drill, etc) that station, by contract, is NOT allowed to stay operational. All this in spite of ballot measure R-3 where we voted for and were promised “additional firefighters”. Somersett, like all property owners in Reno pays the tax but even on red flag days, station #19 is not an operational fire station.

    There is no career department fire station in Somersett and volunteers prohibited. That does not make for “excellent” fire protection

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