The Greens at Town Center

The following obtained courtesy of the “REreno – Hardcore Real Estate News” website:

Town Center TH, LLC (2290 Painted River Trail, Somersett – Mike Pollock, Manager), has submitted an application to the City of Reno’s Community Development Department for construction of “The Greens at Town Center”, a project to be comprised of ten townhouses on ten parcels plus a common area. Site location is the empty 34,900 sq.ft. lot adjacent to The Club at Town Center and the Canyon9 Golf course.

A more detailed description of the proposed project can be obtained by visiting the REreno website post “The Greens at Town Center” at and downloading Developer application documents. The REreno post also contains additional Somersett Developer information.

The Town Center TH, LLC application references a set of CC&R’s to govern the development.  One might wonder how these will fit in with the SOA having been established as the “Approving Owner” for the Town Center properties with the right to approve building and landscape plans related thereto. That is, does the proposed “The Greens at Town Center” site fall within the SOA jurisdiction?