The Greens at Town Center

The following obtained courtesy of the “REreno – Hardcore Real Estate News” website:

Town Center TH, LLC (2290 Painted River Trail, Somersett – Mike Pollock, Manager), has submitted an application to the City of Reno’s Community Development Department for construction of “The Greens at Town Center”, a project to be comprised of ten townhouses on ten parcels plus a common area. Site location is the empty 34,900 sq.ft. lot adjacent to The Club at Town Center and the Canyon9 Golf course.

A more detailed description of the proposed project can be obtained by visiting the REreno website post “The Greens at Town Center” at and downloading Developer application documents. The REreno post also contains additional Somersett Developer information.

The Town Center TH, LLC application references a set of CC&R’s to govern the development.  One might wonder how these will fit in with the SOA having been established as the “Approving Owner” for the Town Center properties with the right to approve building and landscape plans related thereto. That is, does the proposed “The Greens at Town Center” site fall within the SOA jurisdiction?

3 thoughts on “The Greens at Town Center

  1. If you know, could you tell us if these townhouses come under Somerset rules and regulations?

  2. All units/lots and their owners within Somersett are subject to the Somersett Governing Documents, including the Association’s Rules and Regulations, CC&R’s, Bylaws, and Aesthetic Guidelines.

  3. We attended the July Reno NAB5 meeting where the “Greens at Somersett” was discussed, architectural sketches shown and the subject of access was discussed (is Town Center way a public road?). Joe Fadrowsky (NAB5 Board member) of Sierra Canyon asked several pertinent questions concerning access and the provision of a proper pedestrian way. The issues with access to the upper lake were discussed, as it is due to be drained and desludged (Best access will be through the “Greens” site, as is the current golf path for the Canyon 9). There was discussion as to whether this new building would a part of the Town Center Retail complex, or just additional Somersett housing … best that the individual owners of these new luxury housing units pay the C9 and Common dues plus the dues for using the TCTC.

    We will actually be able to see the “Greens” clearly from our house, so knowing that it will max out at 40′ (the same as the other town center buildings) was good as it will bring a far better ambience to our view – than a decrepit overgrown lot! Unfortunately this is not too dissimilar in appearance to the two lots owned by the HOA. These are currently “fallow/un-landscaped/natural desert scrub”… so I would like to suggest the HOA sell both these lots to the folks developing the “Greens” housing to be developed similarly. We can use the money to pay for the repairs to the rockery walls!

    The Town center complex is currently a detriment to creating the wholesome, prosperous vision that the original Somersett planners had imagined. The buildings are all run down, the common areas look terrible, the whole place looks seedy and unworthy of our monthly dues. The “Greens” will play an important role in allowing Somersett’s “focal point” to look great.

    The “Greens” architectural Sketches look really Nice and indicative of how Reno Should develop attractive higher density housing. We advocate that all Somersett residents look to see how nice new buildings can really look. Personally, we can’t wait to see the “Greens” come to life.

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