July 26th Board of Directors Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). The BOD meeting agenda may be accessed by clicking the following link:

July 26th BOD Meeting Agenda

The “Board Meeting Packet”, which contains additional information on agenda topics is not yet available on the http://www.mysomersett.com website. Packet should be available prior to July 26th Meeting date. Owners may access this Packet by logging on to your http://www.mysommersett.com account and clicking on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link. This website will also provide an update when the Packet becomes available.

One of the more interesting agenda items is “Acceptance of Resignation’ and “Appointment of Treasurer”. It has been reported that Joe Fadrowsky is resigning as Board Director and SOA Treasurer effective with the July 26th Board Meeting. In this regard, the SOA recently sent out email notices to Association members soliciting candidates to fill the vacancy. The intent being to appoint a replacement after candidate reviews and to announce the new Director at the July 26th Board Meeting. However, this process was scrapped when it became evident that (per the SOA By-Laws) a Board vacancy can only be filled by Association member vote, either in a special election or in conjunction with the annual member elections generally held in October.

The Board has not yet announced how they will proceed with filling the vacancy. However, given the time requirements to conduct Association member elections, it will most likely be conducted in conjunction with the annual October Board elections, the results of which are announced at the November owner meeting with elected Directors taking office at that time. This being the case, the Board will function with only four members until November of this year, placing an unfortunate burden on the remaining Directors. Perhaps future Directors considering resignation can give sufficient notice to allow an election to take place without the Board having to operate with reduced membership for an extended period.


9 thoughts on “July 26th Board of Directors Meeting

  1. Once again, a post as anonymous. I thought you said posts in the future would have the author? Guess not, since it’s nice to hind behind anonymous. Your comment on having a director leave a longer time to resign is noted and ridiculous. With the amount of time and years that Joe has put into supporting Somersett and this board don’t you think he would have given more time if possible. Honestly? It would be great if Somersett Untied could ever say anything nice about anyone.

    I am not afraid to sign my name. have a great day anonymous.

    1. I certainly disagree with Ms. Slattery’s comment. I saw nothing in the post criticizing Mr. Fadrowsky for his resignation or service. I am sure he had good reasons and he has served the Board faithfully for almost three years. However, it is not “ridiculous” to suggest resigning Directors vacate their position in a manner that minimizes replacement time, this is a valid observation. With only four Board members, if one is missing for any reason, a quorum cannot be reached, meetings cannot be held, and the Board is unable to conduct Association business.

      Perhaps the problem with the current situation was that the Board erroneously believed they could appoint a replacement Director, hence no extended period with only four Board members.

      Jim Haar

    2. Sharon,
      Somersett United is owned and operated by Jim Haar. He is the one posting the articles. It’s kind of funny to see him commenting on his own posts, often to congratulate himself or defend the position he has taken as “Somersett United”. I think most people know that it’s been Jim all along, but no one calls him out on it. It’s amusing once you know the “secret”.

      1. Old Joe – Really not much of a secret, so do not pat yourself on the back for your “revealing” comment, If you click on the “Open Forum” tab on the SU website, you will see that I am identified as the sites administrator/webmaster, who publishes all posts and comments submitted by others, identified by name or not, regardless of content or how positive or negative they may be.

        BTW – Do you really have a problem with this website? It certainly gives residents the opportunity to express their feelings on community issues, pro or con, unlike the Association’s website. Therefore, if you wish to submit a post on a community issue, please do so following the guidelines under the “Open Forum” tab and I will gladly publish it.

        Also, you appear to be an avid follower, thank you for that and please encourage your friends to also become followers.

        1. I follow this website the way a policeman follows a criminal. Since you are proud of your work on this little hobby, you should attribute all articles to yourself and quit playing games like praising your own articles using different aliases. What are you ashamed of?
          I’ll spread the word among the community now that you are “coming out” and don’t seem to mind. This website is a blight on the community. You are violating the CC&R’s (Article 12, Section 12), and stealing content from others.
          My reply was directed to Sharon, since she was pretending not to know who is writing as “Somersett United”.

      2. Hey there Old Joe Clark!!!!

        THANK YOU for identifying anonymous! Now I can laugh also. Yes I am a follower and I am not afraid to call out things that appear wrong or negative. I absolutely dislike articles or posts from people who sign or post as anonymous. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will tell you exactly what I feel about a topic and why. And I do my research and try to understand the issue before I comment.

        Yes I do have a problem with some of the negativity of this site and the one-sided focus they sometime use. But i do follow it to see how the cup is more empty on your side.

        THANKS again.

  2. I am disappointed that Joe Fadrowsky has resigned. He has served our community very well, been capable, thorough and honest. When I have dealt with him and asked questions he has always answered forthrightly. So I wish to take this opportunity to personally thank him.

    I would never question anyone’s wish to not to have to spend 30 hours a week pro bono on community business, keeping the Somersett Association solvent. Our board members have their work cut out for them as our “Management Company” (First Residential) is always being reorganized re-staffed. FR folks are shuttled in and out of Somersett every other week, the new folks trying to runthe place have to be constantly re-tuned/re-trained. FR computer systems appear (to a customer) to be archaic! When committee (and Board) members ask for pertinent information which would be helpful for planning, future vision; FR cannot provide the necessary management statistics (because of the computer!).

    One of the “big differences” Joe and I have had, is how much “green” is enough! – I am a desert rat (comes form living in a high cool desert), and I believe that our landscaping should reflect our environment; and Joe is from Hawaii where green is lush and normal! Perhaps we can continue these discussions over a beer…

    I did hear at the NAB5 meeting that Reno City Council want to plant another 100,000 trees (and remove some grass). This way behind Salt Lake City with a plan to plant a million trees. So maybe this will help to convince Joe…

    Once again, Joe, thank you for looking out for us all in Somersett!

    1. I am also sad to see Joe leave and know how much he has helped this community. Thank You Geoffrey for telling him so even though you do not agree with all his recommendations. JOE thank you. THANK YOU thank you. You have given Somersett many many hours and dedication and we are appreciative.

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