July 26th BOD Meeting Packet

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) has published the meeting packet for the July 26th Board Meeting. Packet is available for viewing on the SOA website (www.mysomersett.com or www.somersett.net). The July packet may also be accessed by clicking on the following link:

7-26-17 BOD Packet

The July Packet contains an updated agenda from that previously published, with the addition of two New Business topics:  1) Lennar Landscape Turnover & Contract Addendum, and 2) AGC Fee Schedule. It also contains significant information on the following agenda topics:

June 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes    For those interested in what transpired at the June BOD Meeting, an excellent recap has been provided.  Whoever is now publishing the BOD Meeting minutes should be congratulated.

Financials    In addition to the standard Treasurers Report and Monthly financials, the packet contains an Independent Auditor Report concluding that the SOA 2016 financial statements were accurately presented and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Legal Update – A memo from the SOA Attorney outlines descriptions and current status of the following legal issues:  1) SOA vs multiple Association owners over CC&R  issues associated with their Northgate land acquisition, 2) SOA vs an Association owner on a lien and property title issue, and 3) SOA vs Wits, LLC addressing access rights to the Hillbrow SBE subdivision.

Ditch Repair & Maintenance    Bid Proposal for ongoing work associated with repair and maintenance of drainage ditiches throught Somersett. Proposal maps and identifies affected areas.

Pool Redesign Proposal    Vendor proposal for modifications to The Club at Town Center liesure pool.  Five options are presented and well detailed, with estimated costs of $319,440 to $422,840. Proposed modifications address relocation of the existing water slide feature and the addition of an associated “splash pool”.

Consent for CFA Proposal    Authorizes CFA to spend up to an additional $26,400 to produce information required to acurately generate a bid proposal for Somersett SBE hillside repairs and rockery wall repairs at Timaru and Trail Ridge Courts. 

AGC Fee Schedule    The Aesthetic Guidelines fee schedule for new home construction ($10,000 fee – $8000 refundable), existing home remodels/additions ($1500 fee – $750 refundable), and external changes ($200 fee – $90 refundable)

Acceptance of Resignation    Resignation memo from Board member Joe Fadrowsky, which will require appointment of a new Treasurer. Since the SOA By-laws require association member election for Board vacancies, if Mr. Fadrowsky tenders his resignation as planned (i.e., at the conclusion of the July Board meeting), then the Board will operate with four members until the election of a new director.

Homeowners with comments or concerns on any agenda topic are encouraged to attend the Board Meeting and express them. Comments on agenda topics may be expressed at the start of the meeting, before discussion by Board members.

One thought on “July 26th BOD Meeting Packet

  1. With regard to the ongoing litigation between the SOA and the “Northgate” property owners as referenced in the SOA Attorney Legal Update memo, it is difficult for me to understand the benefit to Association members for the SOA to pursue this litigation. To date the BOD has spent `$90,000, with much more to come, in an attempt to enforce some SOA CC&R’s on Northgate property acquired by a handful of Somersett homeowners, the implementation of which would be completely unrecognizable to the rest of the Somersett community.

    This appears to be no more than a power play on the part of the Board (past & present) at the expense of common sense. We all recognize that the CC&R’s are geared to maintain the integrity of our community. However, sometimes exceptions to the published word are in order. Our CC&R’s have accounted for this event under Article IV “Property Usage”, Section 55 “Variances”, which gives the Board the power for granting variances to property usage restrictions if quote – “the literal application of the restriction results in unnecessary inconvenience and the granting of a variance will not be materially detrimental or injurious to other Lot owners” – unquote. Surely the situation with the Northgate property owners falls within this purview.

    In the absence of a well-defined and justified benefit, I suggest that these litigation expenses could be spent on more worthy Association endeavors.

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