TCTC Expansion Study

  • In 2016, the SOA contracted with BJG Architecture & Engineering to perform “The Clube at Town Center Expansion Study”. The purpose being to assess critical needs of The Club at Town Center (TCTC) to best serve the Somersett Community in the future. In doing so BJG met with Directors, Management Staff, and Committee Members to explore issues and potential solutions. As a result, key needs were identified, solutions proposed and priorities established for the following:
  • Priority 1 – SOA Offices, Canyon View Room, Social Spaces
  • Priority 2 – Swimming Pool Crowding, Swim Deck Expansion
  • Priority 3 – Fitness Center Overcrowding
  • Priority 4 – Childcare & Camps.

The BJG Study was subsequently approved by the Board, elements of which are now in the process of being implemented (e.g., Great Room, Canyon View Room and Media Room modifications, fitness equipment additions, mezzanine glass enclosure, swimming pool upgrade, etc.).

For those who may wish to view all that has been proposed and/or familiarize themselves with the details and estimated costs associated with each of the proposed solutions, a complete copy of the BJG study is available through the following links:

TCTC Expansion Study Part 1

TCTC Expansion Study Part 2

It is assumed that financing for the approved upgrades are being accomplished via the TCTC’s previously approved 2017 $450K special projects budget.

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