August 23rd BOD Meeting Summary

Somersett United

Following is a recap of issues discussed and or approved at the August 23rd Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. The “Board Meeting Packet” for the August 23rd meeting is now available on the SOA website.  This packet contains informative details on many of the agenda topics and may be accessed by logging on to your account and clicking on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link.  For example, the SOA and TMPF Sponsorship Agreement, the TCTC Pool Redesign Schematic, the FSR Management Agreement Addendum, the revised Assessment Collection Policy, and Back Nine Access and Easement documents discussed below are all available in the August 23rd packet.

SOA Committee Reports

  • West Park Committee    Apparently the funds available from the Reno Parks Department are insufficient to construct a Park that would have the amenities that Somersett residents will want to use and be proud of.  In this regard, the Committee is looking at conducting community-wide fundraising efforts to obtain additional funding via Corporate sponsorships, individual donations, community events, etc. To accomplish this, the Committee recommended utilizing the non-profit Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation (TMPF) to conduct the fund-raising activities. A proposed “Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement” between the SOA and TMPF was presented.  The SOA approved the plan subject to TMPF’s fees not exceeding that contained in the proposed agreement.
  • None of the other SOA Committees submitted recommendations requiring Board action or approvals.

Old Business

  • Hillside and Rockery Wall Repair Projects    Plans and specifications have been completed with vendor bidding process expected to be completed by mid-September.  No update on liability for the rockery wall failure on land leased to the Somersett Country Club.
  • Canyon9 Pond Cleaning    Vendor bids were opened and successful vendor selected.  Price was $151K. 
  • TCTC Pool Redesign    A schematic design for the pool redesign concept previously approved by the Board was presented and approved.  Vendor bids based on this design are expected to be completed and reviewed at a special BOD meeting currently targeted for September 18th.
  • Management Agreement Addendum    The Board approved an addendum to the First Service Residential (FSR) Management Agreement calling for an additional $250/month fee.  This regarding Town Center CC&R management services to be performed by FSR. 

New Business

  • Environmental Consultant    As a result of the swallow nest eradication fiasco, the BOD approved the hiring of an Environmental Consultant to address SOA common area “Natural Resources Protection” issues.  This to ensure that work performed on SOA common area properties is in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Somersett Liquor Addendum    The Board approved an addendum to the FSR Management contract that resolved a liability issue associated with TCTC liquor license, subject to legal review.
  • New Collection Policy    The Board approved a revision to the Assessment Collection Policy (SOME.0014.04) for Somersett Homeowners. Major change was the addition of a new article addressing “Active Military Service” regarding protections afforded military service personnel under Nevada Senate Bill 33.
  • Back Nine Access and Easement Agreements    Four parcels of land along back Nine Trail are recorded as having a strip of land owned by the SOA.  These Access and Easement Agreements grant parcel owners usage rights to the SOA land with the condition that they are responsible for its upkeep.

The Ulitimate Dance Party by SNPAA

The following memo by Joe Morabito posted in support of the Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association (SNPAA).

Hello:   The Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association is pleased to invite you to our annual Reno Tahoe Music Festival on September 8 & 9.  This year our venue is the Greater Nevada Field near downtown.   Since when we have held our Festival in the past many people got up and danced to the music, this year we made this event a big Dance Party.  Details below.  Join us for great music everybody loves, food and drink for a really fun evening.   Tickets can be purchased in advance on line at for $20 each, or at the gate the night of the event for $25.  As usual, the monies we earn will be used to support the Performing Arts in Northern Nevada and to provide Scholarships to talented students graduating from our local high schools pursing university education in the Performing Arts.  Invite your friends and neighbors for a great night out under the stars.  

 P.S.  If you would like to purchase a 10’ by 10’ booth to advance your business or charity, just contact me by email, or my cell phone below to reserve your space.   Booths for non-profits are $350, or for businesses $500 for both nights. 

  • Joseph Morabito  –  President
  • Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association
  • +1.949.500.0753 Cell

Containment Wire Violations

The following email sent to Sierra Canyon Owners – Provided by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

Somersett has advised Sierra Canyon that they are going to start enforcing containment wire violations in Sierra Canyon. However, they will not start enforcing for about a month. My hope is by getting this e-mail out, anyone in violation will be able to correct it prior to Somersett enforcing it and therefore will not receive a violation letter. Please see below for the containment wire guidelines for your convenience and review:

In Section 3.7.1 General Guidelines, it says:  “Neighborhood homes at Somersett utilize split rail fencing in side and rear yards. Dark green vinyl coated 16 gauge containment wiring, with see-through opening dimensions not less than 1 inch by 1 inch or to exceed 2 inches by 4 inches, is the only approved containment wire that can be used to line two rail and/or three rail split rail fencing. Wire must be attached to the inside face (side NOT exposed to public view). Wire must cover the full height of the fence, from the ground to the top rail. Wire may not extend above the top rail. No other screen fences are allowed.

Also in Section 3.7.2 Fence Details, it says: “Having containment wire on your fencing is not required; if you wish to install it, the guidelines are as follows: Dark green, brown, or black, vinyl-coated, 12-16 gauge, containment wiring, with see-through, square/rectangular openings no less than 1” X 1”, is the only approved containment wire that can be used to line two-rail and/or three-rail split rail fencing. The wire must be attached to the inside face of the fence (side not exposed to common property). The wire must cover the full height of the fence from the ground to the top rail. Wire may not extend above the top rail. For additional screening, a second offset layer of matching containment wire may be installed up to the rail below the topmost rail (i.e. Three-rail fence may have a second offset layer up to the second rail). The second layer of wire must not extend above the rail below the topmost. Prefabricated vinyl coated “garden fencing” (larger openings leading down to smaller openings) will also be accepted, as long as the smallest opening dimension is not less than 1”X 1”. Plastic fencing, poultry netting, and any non-vinyl-coated wiring are expressly prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter.

Kylee Joseph, Assistant Community Manager Sierra Canyon Association.

August 23rd Board of Directors Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) Wednesday, August 23rd at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). The BOD meeting agenda may be accessed by clicking the following link:

August 23rd BOD Meeting Agenda

The “Board Meeting Packet” for the August 24rd  Meeting has not been made available on the SOA website.  This is unfortunate as the Packet usually contains additional details with regard to agenda topics, thereby providing homeowners with a broader base of information for any questions or comments they may have.

SOA SWOP Workshop

On August 7th, SOA Board member Ryan Burns conducted a strategic planning workshop at TCTC.  Workshop participants consisted of Board members, Committee members and Management (FSR) staff.  One objective being to assist in the establishment of Association goals and provide Budget and Finance Committees with information to support preparation of the SOA’s 2018 budget.  This was not intended as a decision making workshop, only one to generate useful information in support of future planning steps and decisions by the Board.

 In conducting the workshop, Mr. Burns used the SWOT analysis technique, a structured planning method to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing the Association. Participants were divided into four groups and assigned to generate meaningful information for each of these categories, which were then presented and discussed in SWOT matrix format.  Elements of which were then assigned to various entities (Board, Committees, or Management staff) for follow-up.

 Suffice it to say that numerous diverse items were presented and discussed for each of the SWOT elements (mostly Strengths and Weaknesses) , which were too numerous to describe here. Obviously, subsequent filtering will be required to focus on those elements which best support future planning activities and Association goals.

 Homeowners were invited to attend the workshop and provide opinions/comments at the close of the meeting.  Few were in attendance and only one provided opinions on the following: 1) The SOA needs to form a Committee to come up with a plan or plans for what to do with the Country Club land in the event the Country Club defaults on the Lease Agreement, 2)  The SOA should be looking at ways to utilize the water rights included in the Country Club Land and Water Rights Purchase Agreement to its financial benefit. suggested there is more water available here than will ever be used for Association and Country Club usage, and 3) Both Canyon 9 and Country Club Maintenance Costs are too high, that design changes geared to reduce fairway and green sizes could significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Overall a well conducted workshop with good results from enthusiastic participants.  What remains to be seen is how these results are followed up on in future planning sessions.

Toll Brothers Project Update

The following memo published courtesy of Ken McNeil:

Village 3 Neighbors,

Pam and I talked with Toll Brothers Land Entitlement Manager, Matthew Lepire, on Friday afternoon about the progress of their construction project.   We had not talked with Matthew previously, so this was a good opportunity to get to know each other.

The earthmoving for the project is being done by Patriot Contractors out of Las Vegas.  According to Mathew, the current grading objective is to remove the rockery wall north of the fire station, and make a sloped cut into the hillside.  The heavy equipment has also constructed two temporary plastic lined water reservoirs with huge water pumps which can quickly fill the water carrying vehicles used to spray water to control dust and settle the disturbed ground.  One reservoir is north of the fire station, and the other is above the Toll Brothers construction office off roundabout 6.

Toll Brothers has just placed signage north of the fire station closing off public access to Bull Ranch Road.  The new signs indicate access to Bull Ranch Road can be made from Evergreen Ridge Way or Back Nine Trail.  Pam and I want to do some more talking to Mathew about these signs as we want to make sure no one on a dirt bike tries to use the paved trail at the end of Evergreen Ridge for access to Bull Ranch Road.  We have no problem with folks who want to ride their bikes or walk on the paved trail at the end of Evergreen Ridge.   The McNeil’s enjoy seeing folks taking a walk or riding a bike in the open space to the north of Village 3.

The large ditch which has been dug about 1/4 mile north of Evergreen Ridge is for a drainage improvement.  According to Matthew, a pipeline will be installed and the ditch covered.  We do not understand why such a large ditch is needed for a storm drainage pipeline.  We hope our information is correct that this large ditch which is a couple hundred feet long and probably 30 feet wide will be filled once the pipeline is installed.

Toll Brothers still plans to remove 60 feet from the rock covered ridge directly above Village 3, and do extensive cut and fills throughout the project area.

We asked about all of the graded dirt roads as some do not match the tentative subdivision map.  Matthew said some of the roads are for construction purposes, so not all of the graded dirt roads are permanent.

Earthmoving will continue for several months.  After storm drains and utilities are installed, paving of the streets will begin, and that is expected to be in the spring of 2018.  The final subdivision map has yet to be approved by the City of Reno, and that is still several months out.  In Reno, grading is allowed to begin without the final subdivision map being approved.  We do not think that is a good idea, but for many reasons trying to challenge the issuing of a grading permit without the final subdivision map being approved would not be successful.

We were told on Friday that Toll Brothers will be spending $1.8 million on landscaping for the project area.  It is our hope the landscaping will help hide some of the disturbed hillsides.

Ken and Pam McNeil

Somersett Hillside and Rockery Wall Repairs

As it becomes more apparent that the costs associated with Somersett hillside and rockery wall repairs resulting from the winter storms will be quite expensive, the question arises as to how this will all be paid for.  That is, through reserves, insurance, homeowner assessments or a combination thereof.  Also, through what responsible entity?  as some of the incurred damage is on Somersett Country Club (SGC) land purchased by the Somersett Owners Association (SOA), under the “Real Property Purchase Agreement” and subsequently leased back to the SGC for golf course operations.  Therefore, who is responsible for repairs, the Landlord (SOA) or the Tenant (SGC)?

Under Article 9A “Four Year Warranty” of the Purchase Agreement as well as Article 8 “Repairs and Maintenance” and Article 9 “Damage or Destruction” of Exhibit C to the Purchase Agreement, it would appear that the Tenant (SGC) is responsible for any required repairs on the leased property.  However, to date, there has been no specific SOA Board position put forth in this regard, which will most likely end up as a litigation issue in the hands of the SOA and SGC Attorneys.

It has been reported that RFP’s will soon be issued to prospective vendors, the result of which will then establish the cost for repairs, and allow the Board to proceed with how funding will be accomplished..