Somersett Hillside and Rockery Wall Repairs

As it becomes more apparent that the costs associated with Somersett hillside and rockery wall repairs resulting from the winter storms will be quite expensive, the question arises as to how this will all be paid for.  That is, through reserves, insurance, homeowner assessments or a combination thereof.  Also, through what responsible entity?  as some of the incurred damage is on Somersett Country Club (SGC) land purchased by the Somersett Owners Association (SOA), under the “Real Property Purchase Agreement” and subsequently leased back to the SGC for golf course operations.  Therefore, who is responsible for repairs, the Landlord (SOA) or the Tenant (SGC)?

Under Article 9A “Four Year Warranty” of the Purchase Agreement as well as Article 8 “Repairs and Maintenance” and Article 9 “Damage or Destruction” of Exhibit C to the Purchase Agreement, it would appear that the Tenant (SGC) is responsible for any required repairs on the leased property.  However, to date, there has been no specific SOA Board position put forth in this regard, which will most likely end up as a litigation issue in the hands of the SOA and SGC Attorneys.

It has been reported that RFP’s will soon be issued to prospective vendors, the result of which will then establish the cost for repairs, and allow the Board to proceed with how funding will be accomplished..

4 thoughts on “Somersett Hillside and Rockery Wall Repairs

  1. Del Webbers, who knows how and if we will be involved. However, we have our own rockery wall problems. Watch your pocketbook and how you vote as a lot is heading our way, e.g. pool dehumidifier and Lodge expansion.

  2. This has nothing to do with the Wall repairs but I am wondering has anyone noticed how overgrown all the shrubs are on each side along Somersett Parkway ?? Most of them have long shooters it looks pretty bad don’t know whats going on here ???

    1. Somersett staff member Ryan Dominguez oversees Reno Green. His email address is: Send him an email describing the location as best you can and attach a photo. Also, Cc Glenda Powell, the board president, at so she can followup with Ryan.

      BTW Ryan oversees the landscaping on the center dividers and adjacent sides of Del Webb Parkway East and Somersett Ridge Parkway along with the short portion of Somersett Parkway that runs between Sierra Canyon Villages 1 and 3.

      For parkway landscaping matters within Sierra Canyon owners should contract Ryan and not Sierra Canyon staff.

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