Toll Brothers Project Update

The following memo published courtesy of Ken McNeil:

Village 3 Neighbors,

Pam and I talked with Toll Brothers Land Entitlement Manager, Matthew Lepire, on Friday afternoon about the progress of their construction project.   We had not talked with Matthew previously, so this was a good opportunity to get to know each other.

The earthmoving for the project is being done by Patriot Contractors out of Las Vegas.  According to Mathew, the current grading objective is to remove the rockery wall north of the fire station, and make a sloped cut into the hillside.  The heavy equipment has also constructed two temporary plastic lined water reservoirs with huge water pumps which can quickly fill the water carrying vehicles used to spray water to control dust and settle the disturbed ground.  One reservoir is north of the fire station, and the other is above the Toll Brothers construction office off roundabout 6.

Toll Brothers has just placed signage north of the fire station closing off public access to Bull Ranch Road.  The new signs indicate access to Bull Ranch Road can be made from Evergreen Ridge Way or Back Nine Trail.  Pam and I want to do some more talking to Mathew about these signs as we want to make sure no one on a dirt bike tries to use the paved trail at the end of Evergreen Ridge for access to Bull Ranch Road.  We have no problem with folks who want to ride their bikes or walk on the paved trail at the end of Evergreen Ridge.   The McNeil’s enjoy seeing folks taking a walk or riding a bike in the open space to the north of Village 3.

The large ditch which has been dug about 1/4 mile north of Evergreen Ridge is for a drainage improvement.  According to Matthew, a pipeline will be installed and the ditch covered.  We do not understand why such a large ditch is needed for a storm drainage pipeline.  We hope our information is correct that this large ditch which is a couple hundred feet long and probably 30 feet wide will be filled once the pipeline is installed.

Toll Brothers still plans to remove 60 feet from the rock covered ridge directly above Village 3, and do extensive cut and fills throughout the project area.

We asked about all of the graded dirt roads as some do not match the tentative subdivision map.  Matthew said some of the roads are for construction purposes, so not all of the graded dirt roads are permanent.

Earthmoving will continue for several months.  After storm drains and utilities are installed, paving of the streets will begin, and that is expected to be in the spring of 2018.  The final subdivision map has yet to be approved by the City of Reno, and that is still several months out.  In Reno, grading is allowed to begin without the final subdivision map being approved.  We do not think that is a good idea, but for many reasons trying to challenge the issuing of a grading permit without the final subdivision map being approved would not be successful.

We were told on Friday that Toll Brothers will be spending $1.8 million on landscaping for the project area.  It is our hope the landscaping will help hide some of the disturbed hillsides.

Ken and Pam McNeil

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