August 23rd BOD Meeting Summary

Somersett United

Following is a recap of issues discussed and or approved at the August 23rd Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. The “Board Meeting Packet” for the August 23rd meeting is now available on the SOA website.  This packet contains informative details on many of the agenda topics and may be accessed by logging on to your account and clicking on the “SOA/Committees & Meetings” link.  For example, the SOA and TMPF Sponsorship Agreement, the TCTC Pool Redesign Schematic, the FSR Management Agreement Addendum, the revised Assessment Collection Policy, and Back Nine Access and Easement documents discussed below are all available in the August 23rd packet.

SOA Committee Reports

  • West Park Committee    Apparently the funds available from the Reno Parks Department are insufficient to construct a Park that would have the amenities that Somersett residents will want to use and be proud of.  In this regard, the Committee is looking at conducting community-wide fundraising efforts to obtain additional funding via Corporate sponsorships, individual donations, community events, etc. To accomplish this, the Committee recommended utilizing the non-profit Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation (TMPF) to conduct the fund-raising activities. A proposed “Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement” between the SOA and TMPF was presented.  The SOA approved the plan subject to TMPF’s fees not exceeding that contained in the proposed agreement.
  • None of the other SOA Committees submitted recommendations requiring Board action or approvals.

Old Business

  • Hillside and Rockery Wall Repair Projects    Plans and specifications have been completed with vendor bidding process expected to be completed by mid-September.  No update on liability for the rockery wall failure on land leased to the Somersett Country Club.
  • Canyon9 Pond Cleaning    Vendor bids were opened and successful vendor selected.  Price was $151K. 
  • TCTC Pool Redesign    A schematic design for the pool redesign concept previously approved by the Board was presented and approved.  Vendor bids based on this design are expected to be completed and reviewed at a special BOD meeting currently targeted for September 18th.
  • Management Agreement Addendum    The Board approved an addendum to the First Service Residential (FSR) Management Agreement calling for an additional $250/month fee.  This regarding Town Center CC&R management services to be performed by FSR. 

New Business

  • Environmental Consultant    As a result of the swallow nest eradication fiasco, the BOD approved the hiring of an Environmental Consultant to address SOA common area “Natural Resources Protection” issues.  This to ensure that work performed on SOA common area properties is in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Somersett Liquor Addendum    The Board approved an addendum to the FSR Management contract that resolved a liability issue associated with TCTC liquor license, subject to legal review.
  • New Collection Policy    The Board approved a revision to the Assessment Collection Policy (SOME.0014.04) for Somersett Homeowners. Major change was the addition of a new article addressing “Active Military Service” regarding protections afforded military service personnel under Nevada Senate Bill 33.
  • Back Nine Access and Easement Agreements    Four parcels of land along back Nine Trail are recorded as having a strip of land owned by the SOA.  These Access and Easement Agreements grant parcel owners usage rights to the SOA land with the condition that they are responsible for its upkeep.

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