September 18th BOD Meeting Summary

Following is a recap of issues discussed and or approved at the September 18th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. This was a special meeting called for the primary purpose of opening bids for: 1) repair of the hillside and rock wall failures caused by the winter storms, and 2) redesign of The Club at Town Center TCTC) swimming pool facility.

Hillside and Rockery Wall Repair

Bids were received and opened from two contractors as follows:  1) Granite Construction at $2,032,663, and 2) SMC Construction at $2,329,007.  After some discussion with Seth Padovan (SOA Consulting Engineer), the BOD approved accepting the Granite Construction bid subject to verification it meets the Request for Proposal requirements.  Due to some potential interplay with the SOA Landscaper, Reno Green, the BOD approved a not to exceed price of $2,100,000.  Work will be broken down into three separate projects as follows:

  • SBE Hillside (Woodcrest Court Area) Repair  – $348,656
  • Timaru Court Area Rock Wall Repair – $1,105,436
  • Trail Ridge Area Rock Wall Repair – $578,571.  This involves damage adjacent to the Country Club’s 4th fairway. Since some of the damage is on property leased to the Country Club, per the lease agreement, the Country Club would be liable for these repairs. Discussions are underway with the Country Club with no resolution to date. However, a 50%-50% split appears to be appropriate.

It was noted that some of the required repair work is on homeowner property, and that the SOA attorney “reach-out” to Homeowner attorneys to resolve any issues.

How the above projects are to be funded has not yet been determined.  The Finance Committee is looking at funding via Reserves, Debt Funding Fees, and/or Special Assessments and will provide a recommendation to the Board. It has been determined that the required repairs are not covered under the SOA’s insurance policies.

TCTC Pool Redesign

The BOD had previously approved one of several pool redesign options presented by retained architect Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (OLC).  The price for the approved option was estimated at $278,000. OLC subsequently submitted the approved project option to several contactors to bid on.  Unfortunately, no bids were received. The BOD is now considering options for moving forward on this project without engaging in a further bid process.  This includes direct negotiations with the original pool constructor and/or others who may not have been contacted by OLC. The BOD hopes to obtain closure on this project in time for construction to begin upon annual closure of the pool facility.

Sierra Canyon ARC and Somersett AGC Approval Process

The BOD approved a notification (letter) to the Sierra Canyon Board that advises requests for property improvements by Sierra Canyon owners must first be submitted to the Sierra Canyon ARC for approval, and if approved then submitted (by the owner) to the Somersett AGC for follow-on approval.  If not approved by the Sierra Canyon ARC, then no submittal to the Somersett AGC will be entertained.  This notification will also be sent to all Sierra Canyon owners immediately following notification to the Sierra Canyon Board.

Dell Webb Parkway East Landscape Improvement

The BOD approved two proposals from Reno Green for landscape improvements along Dell Webb Parkway that fall under SOA responsibility.  Cost for the two projects totaled ~$30K.