September 27th BOD Meeting Summary

Following is a recap of issues discussed and or approved at the September 27th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. The full meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

September 27th BOD Meeting Agenda

Committee Reports

  1. Facilities Committee –  The BOD approved a Committee recommendation to purchase four red leather chairs for the TCTC Foyer at the discounted price of $5,432 (normal price ~$9,000).
  2. Communication Committee –  The BOD approved Committee recommendation to replace the current SOA IT service provider Erlach Computer Consulting with IQ Technology Solutions.  This based on sub par performance and over priced services on the part of Erlach . Appointment of Joseph Capotrio to the Communication Committee was also approved.
  3. West Park Committee –  The BOD will take under consideration the Committee recommendation to fund upgrade of the Parks planned paths from DG to asphalt in the 2018 budgeting.  Basis being that since the SOA will be responsible for the Park maintenance, asphalt paths would be less costly in the long term.
  4. Election Committee –  The BOD approved amending the Charter of the Communication Committee to include responsibility for election oversight activities.  This due to lack of interest by homeowners to serve on the Election Committee and the small amount of time to support the election oversight activities.


The BOD approved the June and July Financial Statements. For those interested in the financial details (e.g., balance sheets, revenues, expenses, budget variances, reserves, etc.) for each of the Common Area, The Club at Town Center and Gates operating areas, one may log on to the SOA website at and access the September 27 BOD Meeting Packet under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tabs.

Old Business

  1. Rockery Wall Update –  Some minor details still need to be worked out between Granite Construction (successful bidder at $2.1M for Rockery Wall and Hillside repair projects) and supporting contractors.  However, work is still projected to start around mid-October.
  2. Alternate Access for Canyon 9 Pond Cleaning –  A $7770 change order was approved for the Canyon 9 Pond cleaning project.  This to accommodate an alternate access to the Pond in the event of problems with access via the Greens at Town Center property (i.e., parcel adjacent to TCTC and Canyon9)
  3. Pool Redesign Update –  There is still an issue with engaging a construction contractor as a result of no bids having been received in response to the RFP.  Discussions with potential contractors are ongoing, but the BOD may have to go through another bid cycle.  Start of construction at pool closing is now in jeopardy, delay may impact Spring pool opening.
  4. Fuel Fire Update –  2017 budgeting has resulted in completion of over half of the identified Priority 1 tasks. Remediation work targeted for 2018 will require further budgeting of approximately $500K.

New Business

  1. Vendor proposals for work related to the Rockery Wall and Hillside repair projects were approved totaling $317K. This is in addition to the $2.1M Granite Construction proposal previously approved.  Breakdown of the $317K is as follows:
  • CME Rockery Wall and Slope Failure Geotechnical Testing and Inspection –  $68.5K
  • Kane SBE Slope and Crescent Point Monitoring –  $43.4K
  • CFA Construction Staking of Rockery Wall and Slope Failure Repairs –  $23.2K
  • Reno Green Landscaping of Owners Backyards –  $182K

Note:  The BOD advised that no other proposals related to Rockery Wall and Hillside repair work is outstanding nor anticipated. Therefore, total cost to the SOA for this activity will be approximately $2.4M.  Method of funding is still under review. For future considerations, the BOD is looking at performing a survey to establish the location of all rockery walls within Somersett with regard to SOA Common Areas.  This would also include location of Country Club leased property in relation to SOA property.

  1. TCTC Cleaning Proposal – Bids were received from two vendors. Successful bidder was Prestige Building Maintenance at $5800/month for TCTC and $460/month for satellite bathrooms.
  2. P Card Agreement and Authorization – The BOD approved use of US Bank Purchase Cards for FSR staff members Tracy Carter (Community Manager), Bernadette Rodas (Assistant Community Manager) and Callie Froese (Club Manager) for minor operational expenses ($1000/month limit).
  3. Insurance Renewal –  Bids were received from two Insurance companies.  Successful bidder was Hayes Insurance at an annual premium of $59,340.

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