Sierra Canyon Architectural Review Process

Sierra Canyon Association (SCA) Homeowners recently received a letter from the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board Secretary advising them of a new Architectural Review process to obtain approvals for making modifications, alterations or additions (including landscape improvements) to their property.  Previously, the SOA agreed that if the SCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approved requests for alterations, then this approval would also include SOA approval.

However, it appears that the SCA ARC, in the past, has approved certain alterations/improvements that would not have been approved by the SOA’s Aesthetics Guidelines Committee (AGC). That is, for not being consistent with the SOA’s CC&R’s or Architectural Guidelines. Hence, to insure consistency throughout all of Somersett, a new approval process is being implemented by the SOA as follows:

  1. SCA Homeowners must first submit their applications for approval to the SCA’s ARC.
  2. If approved by the SCA’s ARC, the Homeowner must then submit an application for approval to the SOA’s AGC, along with proof that it was approved by the SCA’s ARC.
  3. If the SCA ARC disapproved the request, then the SOA will not entertain any subsequent approval request. That is, no avenue for override by the SOA’s AGC.

Given that the SOA’s AGC must ultimately approve all requests for property modifications and/or additions, what is the purpose of Step 1 above, and why the need for the SCA ARC at all? Perhaps just be a “screener” for the SOA AGC?

A complete reading of the SOA’s letter may be obtained via the following link:

SCA Architectural Review Process Letter

Anyone care to comment?