SCA Architectural Letter Response

The following posted by Nancy Chontos, Sierra Canyon Homeowner:

This post is in response to the letter dated September 15, 2017 to All Members of Sierra Canyon Association from Secretary of the Somersett Owners Association, received on September 30, 2017.

I was so sad to read this letter.  It expressed a total lack of cooperation between the Sierra Canyon/Del Webb HOA and the SOA (Somersett Owners Association).

First:  The letter was dated September 15, but received on September 30.  The last SOA Board of Directors meeting was just this past Wednesday, on September 27.  If this letter had been mailed in a timely fashion, residents could and would have attended the meeting and probably had some feedback for the Board members.  By delaying the mailing so that the letter was received after the meeting was quite a shame.

Second:  I am so very disappointed that the two Boards have not been able to reach an agreement to resolve the issues on this matter.  Board members have the responsibility to work in the best interest of the members of their communities.  What will it take to have these individuals work together for the betterment of both Somersett and Sierra Canyon/Del Webb?

Third:  Since it appears that, from this point forward, all “’Alterations’ to landscaping or improvement located on our lots” in Sierra Canyon will need to go through the AGC Committee of Somersett, I suggest that we immediately disband the Sierra Canyon/Del Webb ARC, and that all submissions go directly to the Somersett AGC for approval.  Why have the intermediary step of going to the ARC?  Simply duplicity of effort and time.

Forth/Last:  There are 3 open positions on the Somersett Board of Directors.  The time to file for running ends on October 18th.  If you are passionate about this topic, and/or want to see the two Board of Directors work together, please consider running for the SOA Board.