SOA Board Candidate Statements

The SOA has released the Candidate Forms and Qualification Statements for those homeowners seeking election to the SOA Board of Directors.  Three positions are open with five candidates seeking election.  The five candidates ate listed below, simply click on their names to view their submitted Candidate Form and optional Qualification Statement.

Steve Guderian

Neil Holets

Frank Leto

Glenda Powell

Jason Roland

However, candidate submitted documents are not a tell all. Therefore, homeowners are encouraged to attend one of the two “Meet the Candidate Nights” wherein each candidate will be given the opportunity to provide an opening address, respond to Election Committee questions, provide a closing statement and respond to individual homeowner questions as time allows.

Meet the candidate Nights have been scheduled as follows:

Thursday, October 26th, 6:00 p.m. at The Club at Town Center.
Monday, October 30th, 6:00 p.m. at Aspen Lodge.

4 thoughts on “SOA Board Candidate Statements

  1. I wonder how the candidates feel about you stealing their personal information from the SOA website and posting it here under your Somersett United alias. Why don’t you go ahead and publish your name and address, etc (I’m talking to you, Jim Haar aka Somersett United). Maybe you could submit that request to yourself and approve it.

    1. Old Joe – you really need to chill out – It is hardly stealing when candidate statements will be mailed to all Somersett owners along with the ballots. Additionally, the candidate statements were made available to anyone, without login, who accessed the SOA website (i.e., publically available). I would suggest that if you have any opinions on the content of the posts published on this website, to engage in gentlemanly discourse rather than personal attacks. This would be far more constructive.

      Also, Somersett United (SU) is not an “alias” it is a blog website dedicated to discussing Somersett Community issues. As with most blog sites, the SU posts are written by the webmaster or editor, who is identified as being Jim Haar under the Open Forum Tab (so much for your alias comment). Guest writers are also accommodated and are identified as such to differentiate them from SU editorial posts.

  2. You don’t seem to understand how the internet works, Jim. When you publish something on the internet, it is available to the whole world, not just Somersett. You published their personal information to anyone and everyone, including people who might no business reading their statements or knowing their location.
    I’m very chill. You seem to be easily offended. What makes you think I’m a gentleman and not a lady?
    If you can’t take the heat, take down the website.
    At least publish your address so the whole world can see who is responsible for this stuff and where you live. It’s only fair, don’t you think?

  3. Yes, I had used the SU website for information pertaining to happenings in Somersett.

    The main reason was that finding stuff and accessing stuff on the MySomersett or SOA web site (now that’s confusing in itself) requires a lot of dedicated effort.

    Imagine my surprise when I opened it the other day – no log in – no password and all the candidate statements were there for me to see! Great. Obviously not confidential.

    Still wondering why we dont sell off our excess water rights to fund the extraordinary weather related landscaping repairs and fire abatement requirements.

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