Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 116

For those readers who may be interested, access to Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 116 – Common-Interest Ownership Uniform Act (NRS-116), has been added under the “References” Tab on this website. NRS-116 is the governing document for Common Interest Communities such as Somersett. Provisions of this Statute are often referenced in relation to documents, issues, actions, etc. undertaken by the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) and the FirstServices Residential (FSR) Management Company.  NRS-116 is broken down under the following Articles.  Since Article 3 is the one most encountered by the SOA BOD and FSR in their day to day operations, its subsections are also listed.

Article 1.  General Provisions

Article 2.  Creation, Alteration and Termination of Common-Interest Communities

Article 3.  Management of Common-Interest Communities

  • General Provisions
  • Meetings and Voting
  • Liabilities, Insurance and Fiscal Affairs
  • Liens
  • Books, Records and Other Documents
  • Miscellaneous Rights, Duties and Restrictions

Article 4.  Protection of Purchaser

Administration and Enforcement

To access NRS-116, go to the References Tab and under SOA Governing Documents, click on the NRS-116 link.

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