October 25th BOD Meeting Summary

Following is a recap of issues discussed and or approved at the October 25th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. For the full meeting agenda and associated back-up details, please refer to the previous Post entitled “October 25h BOD Meeting Packet”

Committee Reports

  1. Community Standards Committee  –  The BOD approved the appointment of Anna Koelewyn to the Committee
  2. West Park Committee  –  The BOD approved formation of a “Somersett Parks Advisory Committee” to replace the existing West Park Committee. Purpose is to serve as a liaison between the Community, the SOA Board and the Reno City Parks Departments on Somersett Park issues. The proposed Charter would have covered both the East & West Parks as well as Trailheads. After discussion, the Committee and Charter was approved with the elimination of Trailheads from the Charter.
  3. Budget & Finance Committee  –  The Committee recommended approval of the 2018 Budgets (see New Business Items below).

Old Business

  1. Legal Update  –  Regarding the ongoing litigation between the SOA and “Northgate” property owners, the BOD reported that settlement agreements have been reached with eleven of the thirteen property owners, and of the eleven, seven agreements have already been executed with the others expected to follow shortly.  Per the SOA attorney letter, “The settlement checks are being prepared for those that the lot expansion agreements have been recorded”.  In response to a homeowner question on settlement details, the BOD advised that there may be some non-disclosure agreements in place and would consider what can be disclosed. For those litigants whose cases have not yet been settled, the BOD advised that the Judge hearing the case had passed away with a new Judge not yet assigned.  Therefore, no timetable available.
  2. Rockery Wall Repair Update  –  A verbal update was given by Seth Padovan (SOA Consulting Engineer). He reported that the Contractor (Granite Construction) will begin work the first part of November with completion of affected areas by February 2018. The BOD stated that Rockery Wall repair work would proceed on Country Club leased land even though liability issues have not yet been resolved.
  3. Pool Redesign Update  –  A little bit of a disaster here.  Earlier in the year the SOA hired Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (OLC) an architectural engineering firm to present designs for upgrading the TCTC Pool Facility.  They presented six different designs (see previous post in July archives entitled “July 26th BOD Meeting Summary”) ranging in cost from $320K to $423K.  The BOD approved a $348K design, which was amended to $273K with the removal of a deck expansion option.  Plan was to start construction upon annual closure of the pool. However, OLC was unable to obtain a contractor, therefore, the SOA took it upon themselves to locate one.  Subsequently a $1.2M bid was acquired from a single vendor, which was obviously unacceptable.   Upon review, the SOA’s Consulting Engineer advised that the original cost estimates are unattainable.  Therefore, we are apparently back to square one with no pool modifications starting this year.  A homeowner suggested we get a rebate from OLC due to their faulty work regarding cost estimates.  In response to another homeowner comment, the BOD advised that the funds allocated for TCTC Pool Facility upgrades could not be diverted to help pay for the Rockery Wall repairs. This because TCTC and General Common funds emanate from different assessment activities, which by law cannot be co-mingled.
  4. Town Square Budget  –  The BOD approved the 2018 budget for the newly instituted Town Square Activity Center.  This $89K budget supports SOA Incurred management and operational expenses connected with the privately-owned retail buildings within the Town Square complex.  Revenues to offset SOA expenses come from assessments placed on the property owners.

New Business

  1. The BOD ratified the previously approved proposals for: 1) Association insurance (LaBarre/Oksnee at an annual premium of $67,567) and 2) Completion of forensic evaluations for the Trail Ridge Hillside slope failures (Kane Geotech at $9,446).
  2. Wood Rodgers Rockery Wall Evaluation Proposal  –  Tabled in order to get competitive bids.
  3. Employee Bonuses  –  The BOD approved the release of $25K for FirstServices Residenial (FSR) employee incentive pay.  In response to a homeowner comment, the BOD advised that the budgeting of these bonuses is part of the FSR contract to be awarded based on performance parameters.  There was also some discussion about the large turnover in FSR personnel and steps taken to alleviate the problem.
  4. Snow Removal Proposal – Approval of the Reno Green proposal was tabled in order to allow comparison with a recently received bid from another vendor.
  5. Newsletter Contract Renewal  –  The BOD approved renewal of the Somersett Living Magazine contract. There is no cost to the SOA for publication of this bi-monthly magazine. Publisher obtains revenue from advertisers.
  6. Acceptance of Loan for Rockery Wall Repairs  –  The BOD approved moving forward with a Pacific Western Bank loan of $6M.  This to pay $1.5M of the Hillside/Rockery Wall repair cost of $2.5M as well as  consolidation of outstanding TCTC, Canyon9 and Country Club purchase loans.  In response to homeowner inquiries, The BOD explained the basis for financing the $2.5M repair costs via General Common Reserves, General Common Operating Funds and the above mentioned bank loan in lieu of imposing a special assessment.  Also, that SOA legal counsel has concluded no homeowner vote would be required to accomplish the preceding.
  7. SOA 2018 Budgets  –  The BOD approved the 2018 Budgets for the General Common, TCTC and Gates Activity Centers as presented by the Budget & Finance Committee.  2018 monthly assessments for these areas will be as follows: General Common – $92, TCTC – $89 and Gates – $54.
  8. Revised AGC Guidelines  –  The BOD approved acceptance of the revised Somersett Aesthetic Design Guidelines document with an amendment removing junipers from the approved plant palette. Since numerous changes, both in format and content, have been incorporated, full copies (i.e., as opposed to a summary) of the revised document will be mailed to homeowners.

One thought on “October 25th BOD Meeting Summary

  1. I heard Glenda Powell say that they are now removing the requirement for Junipers from xero-scape mow-strips.

    Thats really good news, as Junipers burn exceptionally well! With all the warm weather, the fire danger is currently much higher.

    Questions were raised about the continuation of the “abatement” program – clearing brush from fire-vulnerable areas… I believe that close to $500,000 has been spent with Reno Green on this necessary program. Somersett is subject to high winds blowing down off the High Sierra…it was 50 mph + (80 km/h) which caused the diastrous fire in Santa Rosa to jump from house to house… appareantly dense urban development is no barrier.

    One other interesting fact about landscaping, is that if a tree dies and you replace it with a “like” species no approval is required (now a $50 fee?) … if you want to replace it with another tree, even on the approved list, approval must be sought.

    Question, How does the SOA track private property owners landscaping as it evolves after construction (initial plan filed by the developer – and presumably approved by the AGC?) with time? Perhaps more importantly is understanding why…

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