SOA BOD Election Recommendation

Vote for Glenda Powell and Jason Roland

Ballots for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) Elections have been mailed.  Three positions are open for two 2-year terms and one 1-year term.  The two candidates receiving the most votes will fill the 2-year terms with the third most vote getter serving the 1-year term. We now have the following four candidates, with Neil Holets having withdrawn his name from consideration.

  • Glenda Powell – Currently serving as the  SOA  BOD President
  • Jason Roland
  • Steve Guderian – Currently serving on the Sierra Canyon BOD
  • Frank Leto

Of the four candidates, given their experience and  background, it is evident that Glenda Powell and Jason Roland are best qualified to serve the Association at Large for the next two years and, therefore,  recommend that you cast your vote for them.

Be sure to vote and return your ballots on time, and whatever the outcome, all candidates should be complimented for their desire and willingness to serve our community.

Comments with respect to any of the candidates are welcome.