SOA BOD Election Recommendation

Vote for Glenda Powell and Jason Roland

Ballots for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) Elections have been mailed.  Three positions are open for two 2-year terms and one 1-year term.  The two candidates receiving the most votes will fill the 2-year terms with the third most vote getter serving the 1-year term. We now have the following four candidates, with Neil Holets having withdrawn his name from consideration.

  • Glenda Powell – Currently serving as the  SOA  BOD President
  • Jason Roland
  • Steve Guderian – Currently serving on the Sierra Canyon BOD
  • Frank Leto

Of the four candidates, given their experience and  background, it is evident that Glenda Powell and Jason Roland are best qualified to serve the Association at Large for the next two years and, therefore,  recommend that you cast your vote for them.

Be sure to vote and return your ballots on time, and whatever the outcome, all candidates should be complimented for their desire and willingness to serve our community.

Comments with respect to any of the candidates are welcome.



10 thoughts on “SOA BOD Election Recommendation

  1. Thank you for the recommendations. It is nice to have a recommendation from someone paying close, thoughtful attention. I am surprised that someone currently on the board would receive your recommendation given the actions of the board in the past. Seems to me we need some smarter people on the board. Didn’t the current board approve the golf club purchase and increase dues.? We probably do not hear about the good decisions, only the bad decisions. So my understanding is that this board does not make good decisions.

    1. In reply to Bob – The recommendations were made based on those who are running. If there are those out there who are better qualified or “smarter people” as you say, then let them choose to run. Alao, in response to your question, the current BOD was not involved with the Country Club Purchase Agreement. This was proposed, and unfortunately ratified by homeowner vote, by previous BOD members. With regard to “good” versus “bad” decisions, this depends on your personal perspective. However, I would have to agree that not all decisions of the current BOD have been good. But as always, one must weigh the good versus bad in making ones decisions.

  2. On the assumption that Glenda (Sierra Canyon Owner) and Jason (Somersett Owner) will “walk in,” please keep in mind that while neither Steve nor Frank (Sierra Canyon Owners) has a Somersett United recommendation that does not mean one of them should not receive your vote.

    Owners should vote for one or the other as by default one will positively win. Your single vote could be the difference in determining which one wins. Who the winner is could make a big difference in what the Somersett Board accomplishes.

    Steve will not take anything “sitting down”and will “stir things up,” with perhaps some for the better in the end, even if personal feathers get ruffled along the way. Frank has shown he is quick to catch on along with being willing and able to speak up for what is right coupled with a low level of commotion. How many new board members even heard of NRS 116 or have thoroughly read association governing documents before being elected? There are HOA seminars and classes and lawyers to help.

    Before ballots are even cast the count is 3 for Steve and 1 for Frank. How’s that? Besides each candidate voting for himself, Steve, VP of the Sierra Canyon board, is real tight with the President as both are retired cops with the same goals for the Sierra Canyon Association. Also, Steve lives next door to his father-in-law. Bingo three votes. On the other hand Frank starts with just himself.

    Of course Sierra Canyon could benefit by having the Big Three (Glenda, Steve, Frank) being the majority of the Somersett Board, but no one knows who will vote how when the time comes.

    Speaking of numbers, but way off the subject of association numbers (vote counts), a really good numbers oriented website for national/world affairs/events is FiveThirtyEight. Check it out. Their newsletter is wonderfully informative.

  3. SU,
    Is your recommendation of Jason based on something other than he and his spouse having HOA experience via being appointed by “Developers” as their representative ? Just from looking at the candidates statements, both Steve and Frank seem as well qualified to me.

    1. Ed – The SU recommendation was based on both qualifications and balance. Additionally, if you have followed this website since the “Developer” controlled Board times, you would know that SU vehemently opposed many of their actions, even those supported by Mr. Roland’s spouse. But that is water under the bridge and we stand by our recommendation.

  4. Regarding the SU comments in this thread, I accept SU’s position and I very much respect their commitment to their position. However, there is an unattended consequence in only picking two candidates, splitting the vote. The current SOA BOD has 3 openings, 2 for two year terms and 1 for a 1 year term. The winning candidate with the least number of votes gets the 1 year term. This recommendation puts two candidates in for 2 years and relegates myself and Frank to the 1 year term. My position is that 3 candidates should have been recommend and the community gets to decide on the terms via the voting process.

    If I may comment on Jason, I have done a little checking, what I have learned is that he is a reasonable person who will work with the others on the board. I do not agree with the SU position of “water under the bridge,” but at this point I cannot hold Jason responsible for the actions/decisions/position of his wife. We have to view him for his own actions on the board, not for what his wife has done.

    And as for balance, not sure what this means. If it is about 2 Sierra Canyon Residents being on the board, that is going to occur no matter what happens. Glenda Powell is a Sierra Canyon Resident and Frank or myself will also be on the SOA board and we too live in Sierra Canyon. Frank and I could have been recommended and there would still only be two Sierra Canyon residents.

    I would like to remind SU that since the beginning my position has been “our community” which means everybody who lives in Somersett. The governing documents use the words “master” and “sub.” These are legal words required to provide a leadership role throughout our community. They are not words that are suppose to set control and dominance over our community.

    Just one quick example regarding control over the community, at the SOA BOD candidates night at the Aspen Lodge the current SOA BOD President stated that they want to hear from everybody in the community and requested the community to speak to her and email her. I know of a resident of our community who sent the current SOA BOD President a personal email about an issue. The response was a letter back to this person from the SOA attorney threatening them with a lawsuit, criminal action and action for violations of PRG. About 2 weeks later this person got a second letter stating that SOA was dropping the threats for now but were keeping the right to file the complaints at a later date. A letter from the SOA attorney regarding a private email comment is not the action of a leader who tells the community to contact them.

    Respectfully, Steve Guderian SOA BOD Candidate

    1. Mr. Guderian

      In response to your comment about not being sure what SU meant about balance, it is not about two Sierra Canyon residents being on the SOA Board, rather three. Obviously it would depend on the individuals, but do not believe that three Sierra Canyon members on the five person Board would provide a proper balance for the Somersett Community at large. In addition to Sierra Canyon the SOA Board must also deal with other Common Area, Sub-Associations, Private Gates & Streets, The Club at Town Center and Town Square issues.

      Additionally, your comment about the current Board President was somewhat disingenuous. First, it is hearsay and second no context on the issue was provided. Seriously doubt it dealt with chicken wire or some other minor complaint!

      BTW – Like that you are taking time to engage yourself on election issues, a good quality in a candidate.

  5. Regarding the last post, just to be sure, Jim H. do you get to wear multiple hats for SU? As for being disingenuous, you should have asked me what information I have to support my claim. I will be more than happy to send you a copy of the letter from the SOA attorney to the
    community resident. Provided that you respect the privacy of the recipient of the letter and not post the letter or reveal their name. A copy of the letter will allow you to verify the truth in what I said, or support your claim of me being disingenuous. Just let me know.

    Respectfully, Steve Guderian, SOA Board Candidate

    1. Reply to Steve – With regard to your offer concerning my disingenuous remark, thank you, but please be advised I have no desire to be privy to any of your “sources” communications to or from the Board President or the SOA’s Attorney. However, if your source wishes to publish an article on this website airing his/her grievances we will be happy to do so.

  6. Reply to SU, thank you for your involvement in this process and I very much respect SU’s position on this because I understand why this is SU’s position. At this point in time my source does not wish to air any grievances because this does not accomplish anything for the betterment of our community. I only brought the information out because a statement was made and this information proves that the statement was not inconsistent with actual actions. To me consistency in words and actions is the basis of respect from the community and responsibility to the greater Somersett community.

    Respectfully, Steve Guderian SOA Board Candidate

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