Board Candidate Comment

Submitted by Steve Guderian  –  SOA Board Candidate

Interesting to me that SU only found the two people directly associated with SOA to be the ones experienced enough to be commented upon. I guess the two people who only have association with Sierra Canyon are “inexperienced” with respect to being able to lead SOA. Nevada HOA 101, no one person can speak for the HOA board or make decisions for the HOA board. NRS 116 (the Nevada law governing HOA’s) requires that board elections be staggered. In the case of SOA 2 people voted onto the BOD on one year and 3 voted in the next. One has to believe that voting was set up like this in order to provide continuity and experience for a BOD so that the older people on the board can provide the necessary information to the new people. And, so that new views and direction can be elected onto a board without sacrificing overall experience. I completely agree with SU regarding Jason being good for the SOA board. However, by his own admission at the candidates night held at the Aspen Lodge in Sierra Canyon he is not very familiar NRS 116, which is the PRIMARY governing document for every HOA in Nevada. Jason’s BOD experience is based on developer appointments to board of directors in California, not NV. Two very different experiences. For the record, both Frank Leto & Steve Guderian are part of the SOA community, and by admission above Steve Guderian has direct experience with SOA HOA. I have to wonder why SU has only spoken about the two candidates that are directly associated with Somersett when there are three openings. I also find the coincidence of this SU posting being similar to one in Nextdoor Somersett as well as the Sierra Canyon discussion group.

2 thoughts on “Board Candidate Comment

  1. Steve – Thank you for Post, we welcome Posts/Comments from all Candidates. However with regard to your comments, I would like to offer the following:

    1. Glenda Powell, along with yourself and Frank Leto, is also a Sierra Canyon (SC) resident who has served on both the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) the SC Boards.Therefore, whatever the outcome of the election, the SOA Board will consist of at least two SC Members
    2. The purpose of our “Recommendation” Post was not to comment on all the candidates, but simply to make a recommendation on those we felt most qualified to serve on the Board. There was no disrespect intended to Mr. Guderian or Mr. Leto, we just chose not to differentiate between the two for the third position.
    4. Please be assured that there has been no collusion or discourse between this website or any other entity with regard to the candidates.

  2. How come no one on the boards care that the Somersett RFD Fire Station is closed and has been for years (#19 on Hawk Trail). Take a look inside and see for yourself, even on red flag days!

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