No Ballot?

It has been reported that not all Somersett Owners have, to date, received their Ballots for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD Elections).  Nevada Statutes require that Somersett Owners must be provided at least 15 days after Ballots have been mailed to return them to the Association.  Given the November 15th deadline, it is unusual that some Owners have not yet received their Ballots.  Possible reasons include:

  • Slow US Postal delivery service
  • Delayed mailing on the part of the SOA Management Company, which would be in violation of Nevada Statute NRS 116.31034 Subsection 14 (b)
  • Overlooked in the Ballot mailing package due to the presence of numerous other Association documents.

Whatever the case, if you have not yet received your Ballot, suggest you contact the SOA Community Manager at 775-787-4500

11 thoughts on “No Ballot?

  1. Contact the General Manger for Somersett (Tracy Carter / 775-787-4500 ext. 332) and also insist on your right to submit your ballot and have it counted on the fifteenth day after you received it which may be after November 15. Perhaps the Somersett Board should reschedule the “final day.” My wife and I have not received our ballot nor has a neighbor. How widespread is this???

      1. Thanks. Someone should be held responsible for this fiasco. Somersett board member or supervised FSR employee???? Enough of this foolishness these past months.

  2. Even when it arrives, it’s hard to find. But if you look closely, it’s on the back page of some other document. Mine arrived yesterday, giving me 9 days to make the 15 day deadline for mailing so it’s there by Nov 15.

    No problem since I don’t plan on voting anyway. If someone wants my ballot so they can vote twice, let me know.

  3. If 15 days are required from mailing – How come the ballots were not mailed on or before November 1st?

    I received a very large package on November 4th with lots of information – what caught my eye were the new fees for changing landscaping, repairing fencing, etc… there are now so many categories …

    I received another small envelop with some instructions on November 6th – all very confusing.

    My question – if the retrun ballot is postmarked by November 15th – will that count… Many owners have mailing addresses out of state – if it takes the mail 4 days to travel from the Town Center to my Somersett residence … how can we be certain that the non-Somersett resident owners have actually received their ballots?

    We should vote electronically, I belong to several professional associations and most of the voting is electronic – log in – enter a voter id # and vote – easy as pie.

    1. NV Postal Customer — It makes no difference when it is postmarked. Per the SOA Instructions, all mailed ballots must be received at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) no later than Tuesday, November 14th, or alternately dropped off at TCTC or Aspen Lodge ballot boxes no later than 1:PM on November 15th.

  4. Received the voting instructions in the mail today. The one that should have been included wihin the original Ballot mailings. Must have cost the SOA several thousand dollars in additional postal fees. Hopefully the SOA Board made the Management Company pay for their ineptness, but why is it I doubt it.

    Any other costly screw-ups we do not know about?

  5. Today Nov 9th, I received both my ballot package and the separately mailed instructions. Since I won’t be moving to Reno till next year and currently live a thousand miles away, it’s doubtful my ballot will make it back by the Nov 14th deadline. Neither envelope had a postmark date on it, but Tracy at SOA Mgmt said he was told by the contractor that the ballot mailing took place on Oct 31. I told him I would not believe that unless I saw their mailing receipt. Since I will not attend the Nov 15th Board meeting I would greatly appreciate it if anyone attending would convey my extreme unhappiness with this situation to the Board. Ed B

    1. Given that some local owners have also just received their Ballots, I agree with you that it is hard to believe that all Ballots were mailed out by October 31st. It is easy to blame the Post Office here as the mailings are not postmarked with a date. However, I doubt you would ever get an admission from the SOA Management Company that any of the mailings occurred after October 31st, as this would be a violation of Nevada Statutes.

      Hopefully there will be a lessons learned from this years Ballot mailing package so it will not be repeated again next year.

  6. Time for electronic voting !!!

    Most owners have email addresses / should be easy

    But then again we have gates which do not allow you use your car’s home link remote … obviously built long before our PUD was approved. If the mail doesn’t work – we should use pony express

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