Time to Vote!

Most Somersett owners have now received their Ballots for the election of SOA Board Members.  Unfortunately, the cover letter describing the voting process was inadvertently omitted from the original mailing. In addition, included within the Ballot mailing were several other Association documents (e.g., 2018 Budgets, 2018 Reserve Studies, Assessment Collection Policies), all of which were not collated in the most readable manner.  It is understood that the Association might have wanted to save on mailing costs, but believe that the election material should have been provided via a separate mailing to insure it is not overlooked.  Inclusion with other Association documents have resulted in some confusion in the past.

That said, it is important for owners to follow the voting process to insure their Ballots are counted.  This was described in a subsequent SOA communication as follows:

“NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual Meeting and Election of Three (3) homeowners to the owner controlled Board of Directors for Somersett Owners Association (SOA) will be held on November 15, 2017. The “recorded date” for members who have the right to vote has been set as the date of the mailing of this notice.

Three (3) owners will be elected as Board members.  Two (2) will serve two (2) year terms and one (1) will serve a one (1) year term. The new Board members will take office effective immediately following the annual meeting.

Nevada Law requires that all Directors are elected by Secret Written Ballot. Only you can vote on your Secret Ballot. The Ballot must be completely filled in by the owner and then placed in the envelope marked Secret Ballot. It will not be opened until the annual meeting. You have ONE (1 ) vote for each vacancy on the Board. There are THREE (3) vacancies on the Board at this time. Therefore you have a total of THREE (3) votes. You may choose to only vote for ONE (1 ) candidate; however, you may not vote for a candidate more than once.

After you have marked your Secret Ballot enclose it in the Secret Ballot Envelope.  Place the Secret Ballot Envelope in the Return Envelope and provide your return address. Once you have completed and returned your Secret Ballot, you will not be able to obtain a new Secret Ballot if you change your mind on your vote.

All mailed ballots must  be received in a  sealed envelope at  The Club at Town Center, 7650 Town Square Way, Reno, NV 89523 by Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Ballots may be returned in person to the ballot boxes at The Club at Town Center or the Aspen Lodge, no later than 1pm on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  No ballots will be accepted at  the meeting.”

It is important that the colored, “Ballot Enclosed” envelope be enclosed within the self addressed  “Return Envelope”, whether mailed or dropped off at the Ballot Boxes.  The “Return Envelope”  provides for Ballot validation and eliminates duplication.

8 thoughts on “Time to Vote!

  1. Do Dell Webb people get to vote in this election?

    if so, I didn’t get a ballot.

    – Joe Callahan 9129 Mount Pleasant Drive Reno, NV 89523.

    1. Joe – Of course Dell Webb people get to vote, in fact you have a major influence on the outcome. Suspect your comment was a facetious one!

      Regarding the Ballots, Nevada Statutes require that Owners be provided with at least 15 days after the Ballots have been mailed to return them to the Association (i.e., November 15th deadline). Could it be that the US Postal Service is that slow, or perhaps our Management Company missed the required date for some of the mailings. Given the lack of quality assurance in assembling the Ballot mailing package (which also included numerous other Association Documents), it would not be surprising if the later were true, but let’s hope not.

  2. Since there are four candidates for three seats, this election is not about who wins a seat, but rather who doesn’t.

    Owners can choose to:

    1) Not vote at all
    2) Vote for one candidate only
    3) Vote for two candidates
    4) Vote for three candidates

    When voting, only one vote per candidate is allowed for a total of three. This is in contrast to the Sierra Canyon board election cumulative voting system. Under cumulative voting owners have the number of votes to cast that is equal to the number of open seats. Under cumulative voting owners can cast more than one vote per candidate as long as the total number of votes cast does not exceed the number open seats.

    Owners should not forget that two experienced board members are already on the board waiting for the three new members to join them. Thus, candidates need not have prior board experience. The “new board” will not be starting from scratch.

    Having prior related experience is a good thing. However, if strictly adhered to, not only would anyone not get their first HOA board seat, but also not their first job. Elected candidates who bring new ideas and new ways of looking at things often help many organizations. That is one of the main reason for elections in the first place. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks, as is said.

    Among the many traits good candidates and good HOA board members might possess are:

    Willing to put in the necessary time and to delegate;

    Have no conflicts of interest or remove any existing;

    Ability to plan, organize, set priorities, and solve problems, i.e. get the job done;

    Research out relevant facts before making decisions;

    Willing to seek advice from prior board members and knowledgeable owners;

    Put the community above personal agendas;

    Willing to attend HOA seminars and classes;

    Not afraid to speak up and take an opposing position in meetings – too many past votes have been unanimous;

    Unwilling to accept “that is the way we have always done it,” i.e. make necessary changes;

    Have an open door policy; modern equivalent is willing to accept and respond to emails within a week, even if staff does it for you;

    Understand that most association business is not confidential; follow NRS 116.31085(3 and 4) which tell what only can only be discussed in executive session and (6) which states “Except as otherwise provided in this subsection (31085), any matter discussed by the executive board when it meets in executive session must be generally noted in the minutes of the meeting of the executive board.”;

    Insist on prompt and open communications with owners; daily electronic newsletter???

    Inspire owners and encourage their involvement on standing committees and temporary project teams – post openings;

    Learn from the old before going forward with the new (there are reasons why old boards did what they did):

    Be proud of the community, but want to improve it.

    If you will cast your vote(s), please carefully consider what it/they might bring. Thank you.

  3. Having the ballot printed on the back side of the last page of the Reserve Study Nevada Member Summary is a tragedy. Most people won’t read the Summary and the ballot could be overlooked. That combined with overall apathy due to the weak slate of candidates makes this a sad election; and just when a strong board is needed to tackle the myriad of difficult problems that are facing the community, i.e. owners and their checkbooks.

    I was surprised by Jason’s explanation of his conflict of interest being his wife “has worked for the master developer, for the past 10 years.” That is not the conflict. Having her on the Community Standards Committee at the same time he is on the Board is the conflict as decisions of the CSC can be appealed to the Board. Other than that he may be the strongest candidate. If he wins, I would expect her to resign her position.

  4. To the Real Joe

    At the Aspen Lodge Candidate meeting, I heard Jason say that he would recuse himself – if there were any potential conflicts.
    When David Hughes was on the Board he recused himself over the Boulders development fiasco with Toll Brothers – so it does happen.

    Did you hear differently..?

  5. Nothing counts unless in writing. Jason did not fill out his Candidate Statement fully or correctly. Could be an unintended mistake easily rectified as long as he acts properly, i.e. recuses himself from CSC matters or asks Tiffany to resign. She’s been on the CSC long enough. Should be term limits. Maybe Jason could propose that for all committees. New blood = new ideas and ways of looking at things, even getting things done.

    Owners who do not read this blog have been mislead. Many Sierra Canyon owners have been informed via their community website.

    All board members need to recuse themselves when they have a conflict.

    PS I still think Jason is the strongest candidate.

    1. Real Joe

      I believe that there is a video of the SC candidates night – try to find it on the SOA website…

      I think this will do for documentation … if an issue comes up.

      On the CSC – we need more community members – other than Board and ex-Board members …

      I had heard (hearsay, I dare say) that Ms. Roland was reasonable, understanding and anxious to ensure an equitable solution reached with a homeowner – with a compliance issue…

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