Late Ballots?

It has been reported that some owners have just now received their Board of Director Election Ballots in the mail. Even though the SOA Management Company (FirstService Residential) is apparently saying they were all mailed on October 31st (take that with a grain of salt).

Given that the deadline for receipt of Ballots via return mail is November 14th, and if the US Postal Service is indeed that slow, then it is highly recommended that owners do not mail in their Ballots, but rather drop them in one of the Ballot Boxes at The Club at Town Center or Aspen Lodge.

Whatever your preferences, be sure to vote!  However, if you have none, then we repeat our recommendation to vote for Glenda Powell and Jason Roland.


2 thoughts on “Late Ballots?

  1. Dropping off ballots in person is a good idea, but not if you are out of state and have not moved into the area yet. Doubt the problem is the P.O., but its an easy scapegoat. I assume mail delivery on the 15th occurs before the Board meeting. Perhaps the mail deadline could be extended to that day rather than the 14th so the few ballots that come in that day are not thrown away. Ed B

  2. Just for the record – another missive about the election from the SOA turned up in my mail box on Saturday

    Fortunately I had voted already….

    The Peavine PO must be complicit as I often get my neighbors mail

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